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Today on the show we have Linn and David from {Home Free Family} who have recently made the move to travel full time! David used to be in the military and they would travel in and around their homeland of Australia any chance or break they could get. When he retired last year they loved the freedom of finally moving into life on the move. 


After planning and preparation, they began to realize it would be cheaper from them to travel full time vs. living day to day life in Australia, that made the decision to go a little bit more easy. We have heard this from several families on the show and think it's a great encouragement if you're on the fence about the finances. 


They share a lot about what they do for schooling on the move or "worldschooling" and why that's been so great for their kids and why it works for them. They also share several tid-bits about backpack travel through Southeast Asia so if you're headed that way....make sure to listen to the episode all the way through!

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Today on the show we have Heather again from {FaithTakesFlights} to share about how their trip went! We talked to Heather back in Episode 88 right as they were heading out on their RV Adventure throughout the US and are so glad we got to catch up with her again to hear more details about the trip. She shares about the fun experience of meeting other families on the road &  during their stay for the winter in Florida, but also some of the challenges on the road and learning to adjust to life on the move especially during the first couple months. Heather also talks about how the schooling on the road changed as their trip progressed. Be sure to listen to the whole episode to hear more details on their route throughout the US and their truck breakdown in Canada!

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Today on the show we have Henry and Melinda from {Traveling Mel} to share about their full time travels that have taken them all throughout Europe in the last year. Originally from Montana they left life behind so explore Europe while their kids are at the perfect age!  They share about they route and countries they've visited as well as how they've adjusted to life on the road with work and school. Getting to spend about a month or so in some amazing countries Italy, Croatia, Germany, Slovenia, England, Scotland and more.  All this has been such an education for their kids and also allowed the family to be able to connect in an incredible way. 

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Today on the show we have Kate Pratt to tell us about her families travels and recent cross-country move across the U.S. Kate and her husband have travelled in the past before having their daughter, Laurel, but Kate shares how their view on life altogether has changed since having Laurel. They realized they were on the path that most people start down of trying to "check all the boxes" until they realized they wanted something less "normal" and to live a bigger life. While their daughter is still young they enjoy traveling as much as they can locally in their new home in Oregon- sightseeing what's around them and experience what they can day trips or long weekends away.

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Today on the show we have Joe and Noela from {Lost and Loving it} sharing about their current trip throughout Australia! This family is not new to the family travel scene. Joe said their first trip overseas was in 2003, with about one big trip every year since then and the kids haven't slowed that down one bit.  This year in January, Noela pushed them all to make a plan for some full time travel.  Although Joe says it took him longer to get used to the idea and get on board,  75 days later they hit the road! Whew! Currently traveling Australia coast by camper they said they do have backpacks incase they decide they want to be a bit more mobile and leave the camper behind.  Be sure to listen to the full episode to hear about how they work out the finances while on the go, and how they've discovered that it actually costs them LESS to travel full time! 

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This week's episode is a first for us. Today we welcome back Mark Simpson from {2 Travelling Tots} to the show again to share about how they traveled by letting their audience decide where they go next!  You may remember when Mark came on the show in Episode 106 to talk about their newest idea of way to make travel plans - #YouDecide So the way #YouDecide worked, is simply that….you helped decide where they traveled to next! Pretty cool eh? They started off in Bangkok and Mark shares all about where they went next. Altogether they spent about 3 months throughout SE Asia and we're excited to get off the beaten path a couple of times and really see some new and exciting places! 

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Today on the show we have Jeff and Elizabeth from {Dutch Dutch Goose} who are living in the Netherlands and exploring as much of the world as they possibly can. 3 years ago Jeff had a job offer that moved them to Europe so they packed it all up and moved along with their 2 boys for a new adventure. Fast forward to now, they've had another son in the Netherlands, made some great friends and had some epic adventures!  Elizabeth shares her experience about having their 3rd son there and also what it's like to get involved and connect with local Dutch families. They both agree the locals have given them so much guidance to see the less popular cities and towns all across Europe that get missed on the average trip. Teaching them to explore more than just the capital (London, Paris, Rome, Etc) and find the diamond towns in the rough so to speak :)  Be sure to listen to the whole episode to hear how the boys have adjusted to life and school while living abroad. And also their son's fun point of view after seeing the Sistine Chapel in Rome. 

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Today on show we have Lisa and Steve from the blog {Six Backpacks} who are originally from Australia and are currently on a 1 year adventure with their daughters guessed it...backpacks! :) 

This family has always loved backpacking their way through new adventures so as soon as their youngest could carry her own pack they headed out 2012 to explore the world on different trips starting in SE Asia. The launched at the beginning of this year are making their way around the world while traveling full time including 3 months they spent in India! They share about experiences on the go and some culture shock they had from going from one country to the next.

Be sure to listen to the whole episode for more info about their travels and how they transitioned into "homeschooling" on the go! 

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Today on the show we have Dave from The Saddleback Leather Co. A brand he created years ago to help support his traveling habit. Before they got married both Dave and his wife suzette traveled extensively under the idea of "once you get married, traveling stops." Once they  met and got married, they didn't however,  see any reason to quit exploring the world especially after they started having kids. Their daughter took over 38 flights in her first year alone and Dave tells us she had over 50 stamps in her first passport. This family is the perfect display to showing the world that traveling doesn't have to stop or slow down when you have kids. In fact, it becomes a whole new and exciting experience! Be sure to listen to the whole episode to find out why they continue to go back to Africa and why it holds such a special place in their hearts!

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Today on the show we have Julie and Jeff Sage-Lauck from the blog { The Joy Ride } who just wrapped up a 1 year RV adventure throughout the United States and parts of Canada with their 2 small kids. Originally from Colorado they moved to Oregon and lived for 5 years before the Rv Adventure. Their life is Portland was good they just both felt it could be more. After a couple of life circumstances seemed to be pointing to this new direction they began to plan and prepare for this big of a trip. Both Julie and Jeff had done traveling before kids and before they got married. So this time they were excited to plan something they knew the kids (and the dog) could enjoy as well! We got to catch up with them near the end of their trip while they were still in Canada and hear about their highs and lows of the trip as well as some lessons they learned along the way. Such a great interview packed with lots of great advice!

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