Family Adventure Podcast with Erik Hemingway

Amazing.....I'm not sure there's another word to start describing what these people have done. Over 17,000 pedal-powered miles from North Alaska to the bottom of Argentina. Incredible!

The Vogel Family: Nancy, John, Daryl, and Davy have ridden their  bikes through the entire Western Hemisphere.....the long way.....

Nancy took some time to rap with us about the trip, how it all began, and some of the steps they took to make it a reality. Not easy, but nothing worth doing usually is. She tells about some of their highlights as well from the trip, and how her twin boys are adjusting to "normal" life after such a trip.

She also is putting together a book called "Road Schooling" which will be packed with practical advice about educating your children abroad or while traveling for open ended adventures!

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