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Sometimes people wind up in situations in life where they have to pinch themselves every morning to make sure it's real. Rough, huh? but someone has to do it! Listen as the Mariotti's tell us about their European adventures.

Colleen & Ron, and their children Bianca, Max, and Henry, had a simple plan to travel to Italy to obtain their kids dual citizenship (Ron is a dual citizen) and it grew into an open ended epic journey that no one wants to end!

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A family who had enough of the '9-5' and only seeing their kids on the nights and weekends, took some radical steps and transplanted themselves in Europe! The Wagoner Family: Alan, Heidi and their kids, Lars and Anya decided to move abroad and are currently living in Spain. 

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Want to take your kids into the global classroom?! That's what Jennifer and Tony decided to do in 2008 and haven't looked back. What started as a one year bike-through-Europe has turned into a lifestyle shift that has allowed them to travel virtually full time for the past 6 years. How epic is that?! 

They have given their kids some seriously cool educational experiences, and through it all, grown closer as a family and definitely have no shortage of stories for the grand kids. 

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Neil and Ronel and their two sons, Peter and Emile, were able to accomplish a dream that started for Neil many years ago in South Africa. He wished to one day taking his family on a sailing adventure around the world, and after many years of planning, saving, and sheer guts, he and his wife Ronel,  made it happen, and made a lifetime of memories in the process!

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