Family Adventure Podcast with Erik Hemingway

Talon Windwalker made the decision to take his son and show him the world. What started when planning a 3 week trip to Africa, has turned into a lifestyle of travel. They've been able to share some incredible experiences all over the world, and took a break to talk to us about them. 

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In 2012, Josh and Erin Bender made a life changing decision....since it's cheaper to live and travel than to stay in one place, why wouldn't we travel full time? Great question, and one they are not too interested in answering! They are currently preparing to start their second trip around the world, and they took some time with us before they leave and filled us in on how they make it possible. 

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Elizabeth joins us from the campgrounds of Europe and from the family travel blog: "12 Months 2 Go". They have been living an epic journey all throughout Europe and into Eastern Europe for nearly a year! She and Kay shipped a US s"5th wheel" and Dodge diesel truck over to Europe and have been learning how to make it all work with twin 13 year old teenagers: Noah and Madison.

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What an honor to have as our guests this week: Lainie and Miro from "Raising Miro"! This single mother and son have been adventuring and traveling throughout the Western Hemisphere for the past 5 years in a lifestyle they call: slow-travel. It's all about sinking in where you are and letting the culture and surroundings sink into you!

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