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Get ready for an action packed episode! We are joined by Jen and Marc Konesco and they are super passionate about family travel! They had a long time dream to check out of suburbia, and ended up buying a cruising sailboat and heading out of Florida. They spent a season in the Bahamas, getting to know their boat and the family travel lifestyle and are currently in Costa Rica, volunteering at an orphanage. Good stuff!

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This week we are joined by Sara and Michael, originally from Puget Sound in Washington. In 2011, they decided 
enough dreaming, let's start doing! They sold everything and climbed aboard their boat: Wondertime! They also left when their two girls were almost 3, and 6!  

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This week's episode is incredible. There, I said it! We get to hear how Lyndy and her family made the leap after many years of dreaming. They now live aboard a sailing catamaran in Eastern Australia, and have plans to head out soon and sail abroad with their two girls.

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This week we hear from Alyson Long from World Travel Family. They left for a 12 month, gap year adventure, and had such a fantastic time connecting and exploring, they decided to continue on! They are currently in London, re-grouping and refilling the travel savings account, and will be heading back out in a few months.

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Today's show is a great example of how travel connects families! Melissa Frassoni was at a crossroads in her life. All the arrows were pointing for her to try something new. During that time, her dad, Bill, was heading out on what he thought was going to be a solo sailing adventure. He invited her along, she accepted, and their relationship was never the same!

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