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Have a long time dream of setting of on an adventure? This family planned for almost 10 years, fell in love with family travel and went back 3 years later for another 3 year adventure! Nadine and her husband, Markus, finally faced their fears, bought a boat, and set off for a one year adventure from Spain, across the Atlantic, and up through the Caribbean, ending all the way up the East coast in Maine!

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A family of three who left the city & are embarking on a Canadian road trip. Volunteering on farms, finding odd jobs to make ends meet & exploring. This show is loaded with tips for those who think you have to be rich to be able to travel as a family.

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Today we hear from the Boyink family. They left 'suburbia' four years ago and haven't looked back! They've been able to spend the last several years criss-crossing the USA and exploring as they go.  They had a lot of great advice on how they made it happen, how they support themselves on their travels and how it's affected their children.

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You already know we interview cool people right? If not, you have 29 other episodes you need to go back through and check out some of these radical family travelers. Today is no different! Today we get to hear from an extremely adventurous family who popped by to tell us how they wound up in the Dominican Republic (or the DR) building houses for less fortunate, and deciding which direction they are sailing off to in a few months. 

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