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The Hemingway family wanted something different than the 'normal' family suburban life. They had an opportunity and took it! Buying a sailboat, with little experience (at first!) then wandering around the Mediterranean for two years, having a baby abroad, and eventually crossing the Atlantic Ocean. Oh yeah, they have 6 kids as well! 

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This weeks guests were a blast to chat with. First off, they have a great attitude about family travel and I know they are going to have an amazing adventure. They left their hometown in Adelaide Australia, and are heading out into the unknown, for an unspecified journey around the world!

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We know not everyone has the time to take off years at a time, drop out of society and never be seen again; although most of us think it'd be kinda awesome! This episode is about a woman who carved out some time and took her kids for a shorter, roller coaster of an adventure to Costa Rica!

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This week we are joined by the Laing Family, who took an extended "drive-about" around Australia. They left their jobs, and took the kids out of school for some hands on learning. Now their children are armed with first hand knowledge of regions that very few get to explore. 

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Here's an amazing story of a determined family. Evo, Mira, and their daughter Maya from The Life Nomadik, blew me away with their story. They have done what very few people would be willing to do for their passion for travel or as they call it their "travel disease."

Starting in what was then communist Bulgaria, where they dreamed of travel but were unable to leave, trying to escape into the mountains of neighboring Greece, then a trip to Singapore/Australia, where they tried to casually waltz out of the airport and into Australia, to finally going to Mexico and illegally crossing into the US and eventually Canada where they worked and built a life.

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