Family Adventure Podcast with Erik Hemingway

This week we are joined by Joshua Sheats, host of the incredible podcast: "Radical Personal Finance"

Joshua takes a fresh approach at the idea of money, how to use it to fuel your life's dream, and how difficult things are attainable! 

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Today we're joined by a pro travel hacker, Kevin Le, and he had tons of great advice on how to make the most out of the travel landscape in the way of reduced tickets.

He's a passionate traveler himself, and it was fun to chat about his travels and how he's been able to score some incredible deals.

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This was an amazing interview! Dan and Vanessa have a great perspective on simplifying your life, living with less clutter and generally getting more quality from life. They are also passionate about travel and camping! That's why I thought they'd be perfect for giving tips on living with less, I know I learned a TON!

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This week we're joined by someone passionate about travel, and comes to give you some skills on how to make money while you travel! What could be better than that?! Jasper Ribbers is joining us to talk about his book "How to Get Paid for Your Pad" and  how renting out your house may be the quickest way to get traveling.

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