Family Adventure Podcast with Erik Hemingway

 Liisa Vexler joins us from Tamarindo, Costa Rica to tell us about how her family made the transition from Canada to living abroad!

She dives into details about how they made the move, why they did it, and how they are able to make it all work.

Her advice? "Do more of What Makes You Happy!" How can you beat that?

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AJ Amyx, an online marketing expert, stopped by to share his thoughts with how building an online business can take you traveling and support you on along the way!

His experience is all over the online world and he had some great advice with: Where to start, How to find a Proven Niche, and How to build an online presence!

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This week we are joined by someone who has made a lifestyle of working location independent and full time travel! Nathalie Sisson is the Suitcase Entrepreneur and she joins us from New Zealand to tell how she's built her business around Freedom!

She talks about how she got fed up with the corporate world, and how a negative job turned into a positive lifestyle! You never know, the most frustrating place in your life could lead to the most exciting opportunities!

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Ok, this week we dive into the nitty gritty. We get into some hardcore specific budgeting tips and ideas to not only get your family traveling, but a broader look at what you want out of life.

As Joshua mentioned in Part 1, no matter what your dreams may be, getting a grip on your finances, where your money goes, and how to maximize your budget are all parts of the same puzzle.

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