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This week is not so much about family travel, but family living abroad. We are joined by Jennifer and Brandon Pearce and they dive in to what living abroad has meant for them personally. 

They like to travel slowly, and really connect with other people on their journey, it's definitely not about checking the boxes! 

We had a great chat about how their perspectives have changed through traveling, and how the think it's helped their kids grow in confidence.  

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I love this family's outlook on life. Kathrin was so fun to talk to about how they have been able to do some amazing adventures on their travels. 

It's really what this show is all about, grabbing an opportunity, and making some incredible memories as a family. Really sieving the moment and living for today!

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Today we take a little detour from the norm: Emma, our 14 year old, helps with interviewing Gordon and Lillian from the Web Page: Turtle Tells.

Gordon, 12 and Lillian, 10, with their parents, left home in the spring of 2013 on an open-ended RV tour of the 50 U.S. states.

We caught up with them while they were in Florida, and they took some time to tell us their story.

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In this episode, Pat Shulte from Bumfuzzle pops by to chat about travel, family, life, and life from the road.

Pat and Ali have been traveling for over 10 years! They have 2 kids, and are now traveling by vintage Dodge motorhome, and I caught up with them right before they headed south of the border, into Mexico.

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