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This week we head down under for a fantastic interview with Yasmin and Graeme from 'Travel at the Speed of Life'. It was a great conversation into the why's of family travel and we covered so much ground, we broke it into two shows! This week we get their background and how they ended up selling everything they owned in England, and are currently making their way around Australia by RV!

They let us in on some valuable info about how they land house sitting gigs, and how they made the transition to full time travel. Good stuff!

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This week we take a different look at a family before they head out on a round the world adventure. We wanted to catch up with Amy and Sean as they are just preparing to leave on the adventure of a life time with their 2 children. They have some great insights about how they've simplified their life in preparing for a life on the road, and what their anticipating!

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From Canada to Full Time RV!

This week we are joined by the clan from "By Our Very Nature" Moonfyre and Mykel. They join us from Florida, and clue us in on how they left their life in Canada, moved aboard an RV, and have managed their first year on the road. 

We dive into Homeschool questions, money questions, and travel philosophy! You don't want to miss this episode!

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If you're dreaming of taking your kids on an adventure to one of the most popular cities in the US or Europe, you need to listen to today's show!

Catherine is the author of Scavenger Hunt Adventures, a book series which act as guidebooks for kids. They make the cities come alive with activities to get kids interested in the history and culture of some of the most amazing sites in the world!

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