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Ok, hopefully these are helpful and not just annoying!! :)

These are questions we thought we'd answer and see if people liked it and more importantly, were helped by it! 

If you have plans to travel, we'd love to hear about them, and if we can help in any way at all, we'd love to!

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Hello Globetrotters!

This week we take a little detour from the normal format and dive into the long list of questions we often get asked, as well as questions that come into us through this show!

I know, I know, it's not as exciting as some exotic family doing something insane, but hopefully it's some useful information for you to learn from and plan your own escape. I mean really, wouldn't you rather be living some of these amazing adventures than hearing about others! Usually, I can barely stay put in my chair after some interviews because I'm ready to hit the road!

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This week, we are joined by Ken Weary, running aficionado. When he and his wife went to Guatemala for a get-a-way, they never dreamed they'd be hit by the "why-the-hell-not" bug and turn their world upside down and hit the road! They met some other expats (families living abroad) and could not think of a reason why they would wait on the adventure of a lifetime.

After arming themselves with research about driving through Central America, safety, school options, income, etc. they became an expat family themselves and now reside in the hills of Guatemala.

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This week, we finish the interview we started last week with Yasmin and Graeme from "travel at the speed of life" We launch into homeschooling/roadschooling, which leads to a discussion of how to do life differently, how to stop buying some of the lies offered on the treadmill lifestyle, and more importantly, how to break free and life the life you dream of. 

There was loads of great info we covered, including a book recommendation: "The Seven Day Weekend" on how a multi million dollar company in Brazil runs with virtual employees all over the world. 

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