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Today we are joined by the Kortman's who tell us of their amazing experiences trotting the globe with 4 children. Like many couples, Paul and Becky traveled before they 'settled down' and started their family.

But the pull of the road being what it is, and the suburban life sometimes being very unfulfilling, they decided to dust off the idea of family travel even after they had kids, and as the idea grew, they ended up selling everything and heading out on an adventure! Our kind of people!

Thanks Kortmans and enjoy this weeks episode!

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This week, we are thrilled to have the Morgan's on the show,  Jarred and Irirangi (pronounced Eddy), after a tramatic family experience, decided life was too short to be taken for granted. They pulled up stakes in Australia, and hit the road for a year....or more?

We caught up with them in Bangkok, Thailand before they headed to the European leg of their adventure.

Listen as we tackle: new homeschoolers, traveling for months with 2 changes of clothes, and living on a few bucks a day.

Good stuff.

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This episode wraps up the Q & A series (for now) but a lot of people have really liked it and written in, so we're going to think more seriously about adding it as a weekly feature. 

If you need a 'nudge' to get traveling, hopefully this show will get you thinking in the right direction. Life is short, and we don't know what's around the corner. Better to grab it with both hands and live it. Don't live with regrets, don't live with fear. Go. Travel. Be! :)

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