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Travel has become a massive part of our society, a 'rite of passage' for many wandering souls. The trouble is, when they settle down, and start a family, they are convinced their travel days are over. Not SO!! 

This week we hear from Sharon of Where's Sharon, a long time traveler, but now her and her husband travel with kids. She tells about the major differences, why in some cases its' better, and her advice for families who think it's not possible. 

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This week was a HUGE thrill for me. I got to interview some good friends of mine who have recently launched out from the suburbs to hit the open road in a camp trailer with a 13 month old. That's right, a 13 month old. On the road. Full time. How could we not interview them?!

We got to dive into all the details on how they made it happen, how they are able to support themselves on the road (very cool!) and what the transition to full time family travel has been really like for them. Some of the highs and lows of their first few weeks on the road, and the lessons they've already learned.....and are continuing to learn!

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Like the idea of taking a year to take your family on a round the world adventure? This family did just that. During a job change the lure of the road became too much and they thought, 'why not?' and bought round the world airline tickets and never looked back.

Join us as Tom and Stephanie tell us about their adventures, how they prepped and planned for the trip, and some of their highlights along the way.

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