Family Adventure Podcast with Erik Hemingway

Have you been thinking about being truly location independent? This family is living proof it is possible! After a few years of marriage Sabrina spread her “travel bug” to her husband, and now they and their daughter are spending 100 days traveling from NYC to the pacific coast and back. One car, one tent and one amazing family adventure!

Listen in as we talk about the importance of slow living, gaining disposable time and multiple streams of income and treating the world as a classroom.

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Today we're joined by Travis and Heather Sherry of the web site: Extra Pack of Peanuts.

Recently returning from shooting an HGTV special in Switzerland, then cruising by Corsica for a week and then on to Kenya Africa, they are busy globetrotting!

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Today we hear from Jason Calhoun, who left the security of their suburban life in California, armed with a travel trailer, a wife, and three kids. He'll be the first one to tell you he does not feel prepared for this journey, which is exactly why I wanted to get him on the show.

I think it's great to get different perspectives, from the seasoned family travelers, to the brand new families just heading out. No matter where you are in your own travel plans, weather it's a spec on the horizon, or you're planning to cross country Africa, there's always a piece of the puzzle to add, something new to learn. That's the beauty of this community.

Jason and his wife, Danielle, are facing their fears head on, with open eyes, and open minds to allow their travels to change how they are and to build their family closer together.

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Today we start our mini series on families that are just at the beginning of their adventures. They've been inspired, maybe here, maybe elsewhere, they've downsized, and minimized, and are now on the edge of the abyss, staring down into a fascinating new adventure, not sure what to expect, what they will learn, or how it is going to change their lives.

Not an easy undertaking! This week, let's listen in as we chat with Colin and Andrea as they fill us in on their lives, and what has lead them to this point. They've already made huge strides in making their dreams a reality, and I know there is useful information for you as you continue to dream and plan your own adventure!

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