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Today we are joined by a true 'family travel pro'  Caroline (Caz) Makepeace. She joins us to tell about her and her husband Craig's many years of travel adventures. I say pro because they run one of the largest resources for family travelers (and travel wannabes) and have grown a massive following to their advice and tips.

Caroline was kind to join us at 5 am her time to catch up with Family Adventure Podcast listeners, and give us some tips on how they've built a business around travel. There's also loads of great advice for those just starting out, especially looking a family travel and being overwhelmed with where to start.

Thanks again Caz, for hanging out with us. Listeners: kick back, relax, and enjoy listening!

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Into the Great Wide Open!

This week we are joined by Heather from 'Faith Takes Flight' which is their website recording their adventures to be. We caught up with them in the early stages where they have overcome some major hurdles getting to the point that they are ready to leave for their open-ended RV adventure!

She shares with us some of the struggles and frustrations of getting to this point, and some of the highs of de-cluttering, and how it's been transitioning to RV life. There is a TON of great info here if you are just in the early stages of planning your own families' escape for Suburban life, and I know you'll love it.

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Today we are joined by Connie and Joel of Out of the Box Life! A family who is extremely familiar with all the ups and downs of family travel. They are joining us from England where they are finishing up their time abroad and preparing to "re-enter" life in the US.

We cover all the topics: working abroad, working location independent, homeschooling, raising kids in a global setting, seeing kids leave the house and travel on their own, They have a great perspective and a lot of great information for experienced travelers, and families only dreaming of adventure!

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