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This week on the show we have Amber from Global Muchkins! She talks about the travels her family of 7 have taken in the last couple of years, and they don't plan on slowing down! Amber talks about how amazing it is to watch the kids learn so much more by traveling than they ever could learn in a text book.

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2 Travelling Tots- This week on the show we have Mark from 2 Travelling Tots talk to us about all the traveling him and his wife used to do. They didn't want their kids to stop them from seeing the world so they don't! Currently they have an Bed'N'Breakfast in England they work 8-10 months of the year and the other months they set out and see a new part of the world. The next adventure is set for January 2017, they're headed to India, Thailand and more of SouthEast Asia with their 2 boys who will be 4 & 1.

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97- Mia Moran from Plan Simple Meals

Mia and her family are living in Boston, in a fast-paced world. So much of work and life is staring at a computer screen- a never ending cycle making it hard to step back for a bit. Making is hard to take a break. Sound familiar?

The idea of "taking a break" has been slowly evolving in their house and Mia wanted it to work out to be their reality.

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Where We Roam- After a series of life events, Scott and Emily kinda felt they were being pushed toward traveling in a big way. They came up with the idea to spend 12 months in 12 countries, wanting to live like a native of that country. Curious to explore the world and learn what it would be like to live in the country and not just "tour" it. They said it was enlightening to see how others live and enjoy the small details in everyday life while living out of 36 Liter backpacks. However, right before they left on the trip they got pregnant. So they pushed off the trip just until after the baby was born and then head out!! They relied hugely on Airline Miles and ending up flying all their major flights with points they had earned

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