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Today on the show we have an incredible story from the Martinez family, who wanted to take some time off and go sailing They share about their journey to get there, it was quite incredible, with lots of ups and downs. From flights, to RV life outside of London to finally moving onto the boat!

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Today we are joined by author, AK Turner! AK and her husband traveled extensively before having kids. They have the same idea as so many others, to continue traveling just as often, even after the kids were born. They currently are based in the States and take several extended trips per year to different parts of the world, usually 1-3 months at a time.

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"A film for wondering wanderers"

Remember Jason and his family from Episode 79? We were able to catch up to them again, almost a year later and hear about their life on the road and their newest project: a Documentary they're working on!! Jason talks about the moments or days on the trip when they look at each other and wander "what the heck were they thinking?" or "This is the best life ever....everyone should do this!" Hear more about it in the episode!

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