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114- The World And Kids Today on the show we have Jenna from The World And Kids. Her and her husband traveled in van for bit before having kids and always knew they would be travelers. They enjoy the difference that comes when traveling with kids. Like so many of our guests, Jen agreed the slower pace forces you to enjoy all the small details and moments of the adventure rather than running around trying to check sites off the list. Their family is currently living in Australia and comes with it's challenges. Jen says it's pretty pricing (and a long trip!) to go anywhere new so they plan a big chunk of time maybe 4-6 weeks at once, maybe about 1 time a year with smaller, little trips sprinkled in there. The kids have grown up traveling and now have such a better understanding of just ow big and wonderful the world is. Their daughter has even started her own education video series to help other kids learn about places all around the world! Check out they're blog to see more cute videos :)

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113 - Uncharted Family Podcast Today on the show we have Derek Loudermilk. Derek is one of those people who has serious experience with world travel and dropped by to today to tell us about some of the places he's seen and adventure's he's had. And is now starting off on his own family adventure with his girlfriend and 10 week old son! Woohoo - More traveling families! Derek is an entrepreneur and has worked in a couple of different ways, all location independent, which he will take on the road. Their long term goal would be to eventually live on all 7 continents over the span of their son's school years. He's gone a lot of places as a solo traveller but is looking forward to enjoying the difference of traveling as a family unit. It comes with a little more community and breaks down some more barriers than say a solo traveller.

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112- Robins in Flight Today on the show we have Karena and Evan from South Africa. They have taken several trips with their 5 kids to explore the world. As seasoned travelers themselves, Karen and Evan had been around. Once they found out they were pregnant with their first years ago, they took "one last trip" before the baby came. Once their daughter was born, she was very easy going so they thought "Hey, let's travel with her". When they became pregnant a second time they thought finally this was it. They would do one last trip and then be done. But they kept finding ways to travel even with the kids until now, they can see such a benefit to traveling WITH kids they love it and continue planning new trips!

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111- Gelato Travel

Today on the show we have Julie, who talks about their adventures since they moved out of the State over 9 years ago to Switzerland.

After a trip to Italy back in 2007 for 2 weeks,  knew they wanted to live abroad so Julie spent the next 3 months working to make it happen by sending her husband's resume to different companies throughout the world. Finally a Swiss Bank offered them a job and would get the visas needed for the whole family to move over. 

They lived in Swiss German part for 6 years where they had their daughter. And now live on the Swiss Italian boarder. Close enough to Italy they can go over for the day or to get some shopping done. Her husband works from home and the kids attend the local schools to get a better understanding of the language and be emerged in the culture. 

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