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114- The World And Kids Today on the show we have Jenna from The World And Kids. Her and her husband traveled in van for bit before having kids and always knew they would be travelers. They enjoy the difference that comes when traveling with kids. Like so many of our guests, Jen agreed the slower pace forces you to enjoy all the small details and moments of the adventure rather than running around trying to check sites off the list. Their family is currently living in Australia and comes with it's challenges. Jen says it's pretty pricing (and a long trip!) to go anywhere new so they plan a big chunk of time maybe 4-6 weeks at once, maybe about 1 time a year with smaller, little trips sprinkled in there. The kids have grown up traveling and now have such a better understanding of just ow big and wonderful the world is. Their daughter has even started her own education video series to help other kids learn about places all around the world! Check out they're blog to see more cute videos :)

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