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119 - Raise Backpackers Today on the show we have Fiona from Raise Backpackers. She has traveled so much on her own before kids and now continues to see as much of the world as she can with her children. She recalls back in her teens when her love for traveling began on a trip to Malaysia. She remembers walking down the street in a foreign city and even though was scary she felt was excited and passionate about the unfamiliarity. Since then Fiona and her husband work to save money for their trips, by keeping travel a priority and don't get caught up trying to "keep up with the Jones'". Buying the latest or having the latest is something they forfeit as they choose to live more simply, while saving the money for traveling. There are lots of ways to save money while traveling. She talks about how cruises can be a cheaper way to do that. Considering that they are both your accommodation and food all in one price and if you live near a port, it will be even cheaper since you wouldn't have to pay for flights to the port city. Fiona has also found that buying cheap airline tickets based on the cost versus where you want to go is a great way to travel and see more while spending less. Some of these places may not be not on your bucket list but will let you travel more inexpensively. Also checking out AirB&B or staying in hostels or with relatives is also a good way to save money versus staying in a hotel. Fiona's advice for families who are considering family travel is just to go and DO IT! If you're nervous about spending the money to go internationally then you can always explore and see what you can where you are :)

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118- EntreFamily Today on the show we have Stephanie Langford from EntreFamily, currently in Guatemala to talk about how they got involved in family travel years ago and how it's changed to what they do now. Stephanie and her husband had the opportunity to spend a year in Japan as newlyweds which lit the fire under them for future world travel. After finding how they were pregnant and their year in Japan came to a close, they moved back home to Canada, knowing they would prepare for some future travel. Fast forward several years and during the ups and downs of starting their ownbusinesses and life in general. They began to dream of taking 1 year off and with all 5 kids, go live in a new country! As the plan began to grow, it turned into 4 countries in a year, then 10 and when all was said and done, they visited over 30+ countries in 1 year off!! Wow!! Now they have a home base in Canada and take about 3-4 months off and travel a couple countries at once. Preferring the slow paced, live-like-locals-feel verses such a fast paced travel. Stephane shares about the complete change it takes to go travel full time. It's stressful and chaotic and a lot all at once. It forces everyone to learn to live well with the people you love. No one every promised it was easy but what comes through that hardship and challenges is beautiful, strengthen relationships that have really bonded. At that point it becomes more fun, being together and experiencing life simultaneously.

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