Family Adventure Podcast with Erik Hemingway

Today on the show we have Photographer couple Jake and Dannie talking to us from in venice on month 5 of one year adventure.  Back a year ago when they were living and working in Florida they decided to take some time off from their business and explore while Lisa was still little as well as a chance to develop and play with new photography skills.  Before this big trip they had done some traveling before, including a big trip to China after they got married along with some road trips up and down the East Coast of the US. With this one year off adventure they are doing things a bit different, mainly by taking it slow. They plan about 3 months ahead but remain flexible if locations or other variables come up.  By mostly staying in Air B&B for longer (usually weeks to a month) it let's them get a chance to really see the city and not feel like they have to rush and see it all in a day. Make sure to listen to the whole episode to hear about some of their highlights from the trip so far! 

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