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Today on the show we have Joe and Noela from {Lost and Loving it} sharing about their current trip throughout Australia! This family is not new to the family travel scene. Joe said their first trip overseas was in 2003, with about one big trip every year since then and the kids haven't slowed that down one bit.  This year in January, Noela pushed them all to make a plan for some full time travel.  Although Joe says it took him longer to get used to the idea and get on board,  75 days later they hit the road! Whew! Currently traveling Australia coast by camper they said they do have backpacks incase they decide they want to be a bit more mobile and leave the camper behind.  Be sure to listen to the full episode to hear about how they work out the finances while on the go, and how they've discovered that it actually costs them LESS to travel full time! 

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