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Epic Exploration! 

Today we hear from Brianna with Crazy Family Adventure. Her family adventure equation consists of her + husband + 4 kids + 2 dogs + one RV + permanent travel throughout the United States = ambitious!

Listen for her Wisconsin accent as we dive into subjects like unschooling, having a "Bridge Business", adjustments to living in close quarters, and family bonding.

Check out the family blog at:

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Making New Friends Everywhere!

Kate and Michael's kids take the mic for this interview: Sam, Chelsea, and Charlotte. We wanted to get their unique perspective about the family travels so far. So we ask them about schooling and missing home. Once they warm up a little bit they surely are not at a loss for words! Let your own kids tune in for this adorable episode.

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Today Kate and Michael share their travel journey and "boxless life" with us. Their story begins 10 years ago when Kate realized her dream to take long-term trip  to France. With Michael's smart business plans and their focused vision for France they have made  her dream a reality.

We caught up with them in their final chapter of travel(with a plan for an extension). Listen in as we cover topics like working remotely, rough starts, slower lifestyle, and dealing with homesickness. 


Follow the Peterson's at:

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Think you can't travel because you have kids? Think again as you listen to Bailey talk about her expedition plans with her family of seven! That's five kids folks! We get to hear all about their plans for a road trip from Canada to southern USA. Be inspired as you listen to her talk about world schooling, involving her kids in the process of traveling, renting out her house and moving into a trailer.

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Today we are joined by an amazing family who really 'gets' unschooling and road schooling. They have bounced across several continents and are currently in South America in Peru.

They are currently preparing for a ROAD TRIP back to Canada via VW Kombi!

Listen in As Michelle and Amelia tell us about their experiences so far, and what they've learned along the way!!

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Have you been thinking about being truly location independent? This family is living proof it is possible! After a few years of marriage Sabrina spread her “travel bug” to her husband, and now they and their daughter are spending 100 days traveling from NYC to the pacific coast and back. One car, one tent and one amazing family adventure!

Listen in as we talk about the importance of slow living, gaining disposable time and multiple streams of income and treating the world as a classroom.

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Today we're joined by Travis and Heather Sherry of the web site: Extra Pack of Peanuts.

Recently returning from shooting an HGTV special in Switzerland, then cruising by Corsica for a week and then on to Kenya Africa, they are busy globetrotting!

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Today we hear from Jason Calhoun, who left the security of their suburban life in California, armed with a travel trailer, a wife, and three kids. He'll be the first one to tell you he does not feel prepared for this journey, which is exactly why I wanted to get him on the show.

I think it's great to get different perspectives, from the seasoned family travelers, to the brand new families just heading out. No matter where you are in your own travel plans, weather it's a spec on the horizon, or you're planning to cross country Africa, there's always a piece of the puzzle to add, something new to learn. That's the beauty of this community.

Jason and his wife, Danielle, are facing their fears head on, with open eyes, and open minds to allow their travels to change how they are and to build their family closer together.

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Today we start our mini series on families that are just at the beginning of their adventures. They've been inspired, maybe here, maybe elsewhere, they've downsized, and minimized, and are now on the edge of the abyss, staring down into a fascinating new adventure, not sure what to expect, what they will learn, or how it is going to change their lives.

Not an easy undertaking! This week, let's listen in as we chat with Colin and Andrea as they fill us in on their lives, and what has lead them to this point. They've already made huge strides in making their dreams a reality, and I know there is useful information for you as you continue to dream and plan your own adventure!

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Selling it All:

It's a common dream of so many families....especially as we all get seemingly more connected to our 'gadgets' and Facebook:

The dream is to sell it all and head off into the great wide open and travel. That's exactly what Mike and his wife and 3 teens did in 2008!

Armed with backpacks and a hunger to explore, they were able to travel to 3 continents, for a year, including extensive hiking through South America!

Great Stuff!

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Tired and burned out of the rat race? This family had enough of other stresses and pulls on their time/life/schedule and decided to do something about it!

They got a spark of entrepreneurship from a New Media Expo conference, and started building a plan to get out and travel! After purchasing a trailer, they hit the road, not sure what their business was going to look like, but knew what they were passionate about! Family!

Patrick and his son, Axel, love hanging out, playing with tractors, whatever, and they decided to film their adventures and post it on YouTube and see what happens. Low and behold, they built a following and an audience, and now they make their own schedule and LOVE IT! They've been able to replace their full time income with a family run business that allows them to live life on their terms!

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Psychologists tell us that sailing off into the sunset is one of the top 3 fantasies of most people. However, most people are totally overwhelmed by where to start!

This week we are joined by Chris who has recently launched his website: Sail Mentor. He is passionate about introducing people and families to the sport of sailing.

He has some great suggestions about getting into sailing for very little money and getting some experience 'under the keel', all while keeping your spouse and family involved and not wanting to 'jump ship'! Good stuff!

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Ever dreamed of living on a sailboat? That's what our guest this week, Cindy has done with her husband and now two children! Her children have never known life "on land" and she joins us this week to tell us all about her lifestyle.

We cover: homeschooling, unschooling, living aboard, and of! She has some great advice and insights into how to make steps for your own travel adventures!

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Travel has become a massive part of our society, a 'rite of passage' for many wandering souls. The trouble is, when they settle down, and start a family, they are convinced their travel days are over. Not SO!! 

This week we hear from Sharon of Where's Sharon, a long time traveler, but now her and her husband travel with kids. She tells about the major differences, why in some cases its' better, and her advice for families who think it's not possible. 

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This week was a HUGE thrill for me. I got to interview some good friends of mine who have recently launched out from the suburbs to hit the open road in a camp trailer with a 13 month old. That's right, a 13 month old. On the road. Full time. How could we not interview them?!

We got to dive into all the details on how they made it happen, how they are able to support themselves on the road (very cool!) and what the transition to full time family travel has been really like for them. Some of the highs and lows of their first few weeks on the road, and the lessons they've already learned.....and are continuing to learn!

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Like the idea of taking a year to take your family on a round the world adventure? This family did just that. During a job change the lure of the road became too much and they thought, 'why not?' and bought round the world airline tickets and never looked back.

Join us as Tom and Stephanie tell us about their adventures, how they prepped and planned for the trip, and some of their highlights along the way.

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Today we are joined by the Kortman's who tell us of their amazing experiences trotting the globe with 4 children. Like many couples, Paul and Becky traveled before they 'settled down' and started their family.

But the pull of the road being what it is, and the suburban life sometimes being very unfulfilling, they decided to dust off the idea of family travel even after they had kids, and as the idea grew, they ended up selling everything and heading out on an adventure! Our kind of people!

Thanks Kortmans and enjoy this weeks episode!

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This week, we are thrilled to have the Morgan's on the show,  Jarred and Irirangi (pronounced Eddy), after a tramatic family experience, decided life was too short to be taken for granted. They pulled up stakes in Australia, and hit the road for a year....or more?

We caught up with them in Bangkok, Thailand before they headed to the European leg of their adventure.

Listen as we tackle: new homeschoolers, traveling for months with 2 changes of clothes, and living on a few bucks a day.

Good stuff.

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This episode wraps up the Q & A series (for now) but a lot of people have really liked it and written in, so we're going to think more seriously about adding it as a weekly feature. 

If you need a 'nudge' to get traveling, hopefully this show will get you thinking in the right direction. Life is short, and we don't know what's around the corner. Better to grab it with both hands and live it. Don't live with regrets, don't live with fear. Go. Travel. Be! :)

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Ok, hopefully these are helpful and not just annoying!! :)

These are questions we thought we'd answer and see if people liked it and more importantly, were helped by it! 

If you have plans to travel, we'd love to hear about them, and if we can help in any way at all, we'd love to!

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Hello Globetrotters!

This week we take a little detour from the normal format and dive into the long list of questions we often get asked, as well as questions that come into us through this show!

I know, I know, it's not as exciting as some exotic family doing something insane, but hopefully it's some useful information for you to learn from and plan your own escape. I mean really, wouldn't you rather be living some of these amazing adventures than hearing about others! Usually, I can barely stay put in my chair after some interviews because I'm ready to hit the road!

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This week, we are joined by Ken Weary, running aficionado. When he and his wife went to Guatemala for a get-a-way, they never dreamed they'd be hit by the "why-the-hell-not" bug and turn their world upside down and hit the road! They met some other expats (families living abroad) and could not think of a reason why they would wait on the adventure of a lifetime.

After arming themselves with research about driving through Central America, safety, school options, income, etc. they became an expat family themselves and now reside in the hills of Guatemala.

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This week, we finish the interview we started last week with Yasmin and Graeme from "travel at the speed of life" We launch into homeschooling/roadschooling, which leads to a discussion of how to do life differently, how to stop buying some of the lies offered on the treadmill lifestyle, and more importantly, how to break free and life the life you dream of. 

There was loads of great info we covered, including a book recommendation: "The Seven Day Weekend" on how a multi million dollar company in Brazil runs with virtual employees all over the world. 

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This week we head down under for a fantastic interview with Yasmin and Graeme from 'Travel at the Speed of Life'. It was a great conversation into the why's of family travel and we covered so much ground, we broke it into two shows! This week we get their background and how they ended up selling everything they owned in England, and are currently making their way around Australia by RV!

They let us in on some valuable info about how they land house sitting gigs, and how they made the transition to full time travel. Good stuff!

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This week we take a different look at a family before they head out on a round the world adventure. We wanted to catch up with Amy and Sean as they are just preparing to leave on the adventure of a life time with their 2 children. They have some great insights about how they've simplified their life in preparing for a life on the road, and what their anticipating!

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From Canada to Full Time RV!

This week we are joined by the clan from "By Our Very Nature" Moonfyre and Mykel. They join us from Florida, and clue us in on how they left their life in Canada, moved aboard an RV, and have managed their first year on the road. 

We dive into Homeschool questions, money questions, and travel philosophy! You don't want to miss this episode!

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If you're dreaming of taking your kids on an adventure to one of the most popular cities in the US or Europe, you need to listen to today's show!

Catherine is the author of Scavenger Hunt Adventures, a book series which act as guidebooks for kids. They make the cities come alive with activities to get kids interested in the history and culture of some of the most amazing sites in the world!

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Joining us this week is Tamara from We 3 Travel, a blog about balancing travel with the rest of life, work and living in community! 

She tells us about some of the amazing adventures they've been able to take with their daughter, age 10, and how travel enriches life & broadens perspectives.

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Today we dive into a topic that I know will hit a chord with a LOT of our listeners. How to balance community with the dream to travel the world?

Our guest today is Magdalena, and she tells us how her family: lives frugally in San Diego, and how they manage several trips per year, internationally, and she is a stay-at-home-mom! So, she tells us how they balance it all and manage to stay plugged into a 'home base' as well.

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Hey Adventurers! This week we are joined by Sasha Forbes, who loves traveling with her 6 year old Maya! They were able to make a quick getaway to Egypt, just the two of them, and had an amazing time exploring!

Sasha took some time to chat with us about their trip, what they learned, and some great tips for planning a trip with kids!

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This week is not so much about family travel, but family living abroad. We are joined by Jennifer and Brandon Pearce and they dive in to what living abroad has meant for them personally. 

They like to travel slowly, and really connect with other people on their journey, it's definitely not about checking the boxes! 

We had a great chat about how their perspectives have changed through traveling, and how the think it's helped their kids grow in confidence.  

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I love this family's outlook on life. Kathrin was so fun to talk to about how they have been able to do some amazing adventures on their travels. 

It's really what this show is all about, grabbing an opportunity, and making some incredible memories as a family. Really sieving the moment and living for today!

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Today we take a little detour from the norm: Emma, our 14 year old, helps with interviewing Gordon and Lillian from the Web Page: Turtle Tells.

Gordon, 12 and Lillian, 10, with their parents, left home in the spring of 2013 on an open-ended RV tour of the 50 U.S. states.

We caught up with them while they were in Florida, and they took some time to tell us their story.

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In this episode, Pat Shulte from Bumfuzzle pops by to chat about travel, family, life, and life from the road.

Pat and Ali have been traveling for over 10 years! They have 2 kids, and are now traveling by vintage Dodge motorhome, and I caught up with them right before they headed south of the border, into Mexico.

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This week we are joined by Barbara from "Ants in our Pants" Her and husband Harry, are from Germany, but because of their business based in Mauritius, they are able to travel all over the world!

She tells us the details about traveling with two small children to some very remote places.....this conversation took place while they were in Equador, preparing for a trip to the Galapagos Islands, before their annual return to Germany.

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I love the tagline on the Goodell's website "We're taking the Scenic Route"  What a perfect outlook to have when talking about family travel.

Life is meant to be savored, and enjoyed, and liveed every day to the fullest!

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Full time travel, as an artist, and a road school mom? Jema tackles all of these skills and tells us how she keeps it all going on this weeks' episode. Her and her husband Jon have been traveling full time for four years criss-crossing the US by RV. She lets us in on some of the highs and lows of traveling, homeschooling, and life in general. It's a great conversation that you will love!

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How about this? A family traveling for years, playing music as a band, and enjoying and savoring every experience that crosses their path? Sounds epic? The Hollands manage their life and business on the road and share their experiences with us!

From Homeschooling, to their creative look on finances, these folks are the real deal, and have fun following their dream and passions!

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