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Today on the show we have Kate from {Sons of Adventure} to share all about their adventuring around Australia and the outdoor hiking their family love to do!  Kate and her husband Scott have been together for 19 years and have always enjoyed the outdoors so when they had the boys, very close in age, they naturally started slowly exploring the outdoors as the kids got older. Recently, they just finished The Yuraygir Coastal Walk, which for them was a 5 day hike and for 2 of the boys it was their first overnight hike/multiway hike. It was located on the coast which made it a simple hike as far as variation in altitude and an easy one to start out before choosing some more challenging hikes later this next year.   Kate shares a lot of great advice for families who may be overwhelmed by the ida of taking on a massive family full-time adventure and encourages families to adventure when and where they can. She also talks about some of the cool benefits she's seen in the boys as a result of getting out there and explore and what can do for their character and outlook on life. 

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Today on the show we have Linn and David from {Home Free Family} who have recently made the move to travel full time! David used to be in the military and they would travel in and around their homeland of Australia any chance or break they could get. When he retired last year they loved the freedom of finally moving into life on the move. 


After planning and preparation, they began to realize it would be cheaper from them to travel full time vs. living day to day life in Australia, that made the decision to go a little bit more easy. We have heard this from several families on the show and think it's a great encouragement if you're on the fence about the finances. 


They share a lot about what they do for schooling on the move or "worldschooling" and why that's been so great for their kids and why it works for them. They also share several tid-bits about backpack travel through Southeast Asia so if you're headed that way....make sure to listen to the episode all the way through!

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Today on the show we have Heather again from {FaithTakesFlights} to share about how their trip went! We talked to Heather back in Episode 88 right as they were heading out on their RV Adventure throughout the US and are so glad we got to catch up with her again to hear more details about the trip. She shares about the fun experience of meeting other families on the road &  during their stay for the winter in Florida, but also some of the challenges on the road and learning to adjust to life on the move especially during the first couple months. Heather also talks about how the schooling on the road changed as their trip progressed. Be sure to listen to the whole episode to hear more details on their route throughout the US and their truck breakdown in Canada!

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Today on the show we have Henry and Melinda from {Traveling Mel} to share about their full time travels that have taken them all throughout Europe in the last year. Originally from Montana they left life behind so explore Europe while their kids are at the perfect age!  They share about they route and countries they've visited as well as how they've adjusted to life on the road with work and school. Getting to spend about a month or so in some amazing countries Italy, Croatia, Germany, Slovenia, England, Scotland and more.  All this has been such an education for their kids and also allowed the family to be able to connect in an incredible way. 

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Today on the show we have Kate Pratt to tell us about her families travels and recent cross-country move across the U.S. Kate and her husband have travelled in the past before having their daughter, Laurel, but Kate shares how their view on life altogether has changed since having Laurel. They realized they were on the path that most people start down of trying to "check all the boxes" until they realized they wanted something less "normal" and to live a bigger life. While their daughter is still young they enjoy traveling as much as they can locally in their new home in Oregon- sightseeing what's around them and experience what they can day trips or long weekends away.

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Today on the show we have Joe and Noela from {Lost and Loving it} sharing about their current trip throughout Australia! This family is not new to the family travel scene. Joe said their first trip overseas was in 2003, with about one big trip every year since then and the kids haven't slowed that down one bit.  This year in January, Noela pushed them all to make a plan for some full time travel.  Although Joe says it took him longer to get used to the idea and get on board,  75 days later they hit the road! Whew! Currently traveling Australia coast by camper they said they do have backpacks incase they decide they want to be a bit more mobile and leave the camper behind.  Be sure to listen to the full episode to hear about how they work out the finances while on the go, and how they've discovered that it actually costs them LESS to travel full time! 

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This week's episode is a first for us. Today we welcome back Mark Simpson from {2 Travelling Tots} to the show again to share about how they traveled by letting their audience decide where they go next!  You may remember when Mark came on the show in Episode 106 to talk about their newest idea of way to make travel plans - #YouDecide So the way #YouDecide worked, is simply that….you helped decide where they traveled to next! Pretty cool eh? They started off in Bangkok and Mark shares all about where they went next. Altogether they spent about 3 months throughout SE Asia and we're excited to get off the beaten path a couple of times and really see some new and exciting places! 

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Today on the show we have Jeff and Elizabeth from {Dutch Dutch Goose} who are living in the Netherlands and exploring as much of the world as they possibly can. 3 years ago Jeff had a job offer that moved them to Europe so they packed it all up and moved along with their 2 boys for a new adventure. Fast forward to now, they've had another son in the Netherlands, made some great friends and had some epic adventures!  Elizabeth shares her experience about having their 3rd son there and also what it's like to get involved and connect with local Dutch families. They both agree the locals have given them so much guidance to see the less popular cities and towns all across Europe that get missed on the average trip. Teaching them to explore more than just the capital (London, Paris, Rome, Etc) and find the diamond towns in the rough so to speak :)  Be sure to listen to the whole episode to hear how the boys have adjusted to life and school while living abroad. And also their son's fun point of view after seeing the Sistine Chapel in Rome. 

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Today on show we have Lisa and Steve from the blog {Six Backpacks} who are originally from Australia and are currently on a 1 year adventure with their daughters guessed it...backpacks! :) 

This family has always loved backpacking their way through new adventures so as soon as their youngest could carry her own pack they headed out 2012 to explore the world on different trips starting in SE Asia. The launched at the beginning of this year are making their way around the world while traveling full time including 3 months they spent in India! They share about experiences on the go and some culture shock they had from going from one country to the next.

Be sure to listen to the whole episode for more info about their travels and how they transitioned into "homeschooling" on the go! 

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Today on the show we have Dave from The Saddleback Leather Co. A brand he created years ago to help support his traveling habit. Before they got married both Dave and his wife suzette traveled extensively under the idea of "once you get married, traveling stops." Once they  met and got married, they didn't however,  see any reason to quit exploring the world especially after they started having kids. Their daughter took over 38 flights in her first year alone and Dave tells us she had over 50 stamps in her first passport. This family is the perfect display to showing the world that traveling doesn't have to stop or slow down when you have kids. In fact, it becomes a whole new and exciting experience! Be sure to listen to the whole episode to find out why they continue to go back to Africa and why it holds such a special place in their hearts!

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Today on the show we have Julie and Jeff Sage-Lauck from the blog { The Joy Ride } who just wrapped up a 1 year RV adventure throughout the United States and parts of Canada with their 2 small kids. Originally from Colorado they moved to Oregon and lived for 5 years before the Rv Adventure. Their life is Portland was good they just both felt it could be more. After a couple of life circumstances seemed to be pointing to this new direction they began to plan and prepare for this big of a trip. Both Julie and Jeff had done traveling before kids and before they got married. So this time they were excited to plan something they knew the kids (and the dog) could enjoy as well! We got to catch up with them near the end of their trip while they were still in Canada and hear about their highs and lows of the trip as well as some lessons they learned along the way. Such a great interview packed with lots of great advice!

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Today on the show we have Ka Sundance who is so passionate about giving families that push and inspiration to go out and live the life you want! And do some traveling while you're at it ;) When asked how long Ka and his family of 8  have been traveling his answer was "for ever!"  They currently use Costa Rica as home base and work hard to travel to 4 new countries every year! They also have plans to develop a community in Costa Rica in the future for traveling families to have a place to connect and gather. Be sure to listen to the whole episode to hear more. 

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Today on the show we have Ashley and Nathan from  { Mama Says Namaste }  to share their journey from leaving the corporate world and dipping their toes in full time travel to now on an open ended RV Adventure around the US! This interview was exciting because Ashley shares that Family Adventure Podcast was part of the initial push toward getting them to travel! How fun! Listen to episode for how a one month trip to Costa Rica changed their view on the lifestyle they wanted and what Facebook group got them excited about full time RV Travel!

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Today on the show we have Celine from { Family Can Travel } and { Baby Can Travel }. This family learned very quickly and share their message with other that » a life of travel does not have to stop once you have a baby! A trip to Barcelona when their daughter was just 3 months old inspired them to start Baby Can Travel as a resource for people traveling with babies. They have since written 5 ebooks and continue to travel and share their experiences to help others. Listen to episode for how they have evolved into month long travels now! 

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Today on the show we have Eric & Grace (while little 2 y/o Leo sleeps), young adventurers, who share about how they left the white picket fence life earlier this year and decided to get out and see the world!  Currently they are talking to us from South East Asia before they head to Europe spending 4-6 weeks in each place. Once they made the decision to go, it was a month later Eric quit his job, they got rid of most of the stuff and moved into parents place for some time while they set up stability to get on the road.  Check out for more info and links to this family!

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Today on the show we have Kristin, originally from Australia now happily living in Switzerland (close to Zurich) with her Swiss husband and 3 kids. What started out as chance to see the world, now 14 years later has turned into an epic family adventure. Kristin shares how minimalism has helped them keep traveling. We've all been there trying to cram the suitcase full of things you *might* need. Simplifying what they pack and travel with has made it easy to get away on the weekends and not feel overwhelmed by trying to take a trip.  Listen to the episode to hear about their next idea for an adventure! *hint* it includes a VW bus ;) 

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Today on the show we have Photographer couple Jake and Dannie talking to us from in venice on month 5 of one year adventure.  Back a year ago when they were living and working in Florida they decided to take some time off from their business and explore while Lisa was still little as well as a chance to develop and play with new photography skills.  Before this big trip they had done some traveling before, including a big trip to China after they got married along with some road trips up and down the East Coast of the US. With this one year off adventure they are doing things a bit different, mainly by taking it slow. They plan about 3 months ahead but remain flexible if locations or other variables come up.  By mostly staying in Air B&B for longer (usually weeks to a month) it let's them get a chance to really see the city and not feel like they have to rush and see it all in a day. Make sure to listen to the whole episode to hear about some of their highlights from the trip so far! 

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Today on the show we have Tammy who shares about her adventures with the family in the last several years including a 5 month adventure in a caravan throughout the Australian coast.  They are based out of Brisbane Australia and between 2008-2010 hopped over to SouthEast Asia over 12 times!! They have 2 kids and did a 4 counrty trip when their son was just 9 months old!  Check out for more info on their family!

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Today on the show we have Stephanie Pletka from the blog Spit Up & Heels. This family has been able to experience a lot of travel thanks to their job.

When the idea of full time travel came around 9+ years ago, both husband and wife were excited and ready to do whatever it took to make it happen. They begin to work extra hard to set up a location independent job in their tech field and stashed away her income for 5 years to prepare for the trip and now it's been almost 4 years of traveling.

Their most recent trip was an RV trip across the US to set up a home base in Arizona but they've spent time in almost 46 States and multiple countries in Europe, depending on where the work come from. Now they've began to limit their traveling to the summer when kids are out of school.

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128- Our Lively Tribe Today on the show we have both Erin and Travis from Our Lively Tribe. They begin a "one year off" adventure in June 2017 and are planning to see the US by RV. We were excited to get to talk to them just before they headed out on their adventure! Read more about Erin and Travis and get links to their social media and website at

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127- Wanderlust Storytellers This family is all about exploring and seeing as much of this big big world as possible. For the last 2 years they've been taking any chance they can to get out and travel with their family.  Andrzej, joins us from Australia to tell us about some of the travels his family has gotten to do in the last couple of years. Listen to the whole episode to hear more!

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126- The Worldwide Webers Today on the show we have Erica from The Worldwide Webers. Her and her husband and toddler have gotten to see a list of amazing places! They were both born and raised in different parts of the States, met in New York and from there started traveling the globe. Spending time in different places depending on where their job took them. Sometimes it works out for them to travel to a place for work and then take time to spend on the weekends in a nearby country! Couple of years later, while living in Johannesburg, they discovered they were pregnant so began to look at options of where to have the baby. Erica said she was still traveling to Asia for work a lot then and learned so much about traveling while pregnant. Living as an expat forces you to challenge what you think about "normal", so they spent a lot of time researching and carefully deciding where to have the baby. In the end they were able to find a place that agreed with what they believed in and here they are now, almost 2 years later with a healthy baby girl. Listen to the episode to learn more about their decision to have the baby in South Africa and their experience!

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125- Tapped Out Travellers Today on the show we have Christine from the blog Tapped Out Travellers. She and her family moved to Germany 3 years ago with Army from Canada. Since then they have gotten to travel all around Europe using Germany as their home base. Her son is in school there on base so it's the same holiday time as her husband. Time, they use strategically to go explore more of Europe. In the last couple of years they've been to 7-10 countries and plan to see a couple more before their contract in Germany is up. Since Europe is close together is makes transportation and getting around more simple. In the past, they've taken the train to Italy and drove to Switzerland twice. Check out her blog for tons of resources (and occasional giveaways!) including an expat guide for living in Germany! Christine shares lots of tools and tips from her experience living in Germany to make the transition a little easier for others.

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124- Abroad Life Today on the show we have Tim and Erin from the blog Abroad Life. They are wrapping up a very long family adventure and were able to share some of the highs and lows of a trip like this. The idea for family travels started years ago during an especially snowing winter in Boston where they were living. Life was good...good jobs, nice home, kids were happy, but something told them deep down that they could be doing more. See more. Live a more broad life instead of a narrow one. So what started with an email to a spouse about a "crazy adventure idea" has turned into years of travel with the kiddos while they were young and plans to travel again in the future. On the show they talk about how they managed to quickly went from the "idea" to traveling, working on the road, realistically what it's like to sightsee with toddlers and a good reminder that not all traveling is rainbows and unicorns :)

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123- The Passport Kids Today on the show we have Nicole from the website The Passport Kids.We were grateful for the chance to talk to her before they head out on their one year adventure. Based out of Canada, this family sees as much as they can as often as they can, close to home. But decided they wanted to do something bigger. So after a year of preparing and planning they are about to embark in their adventure this summer! Nicole shares a little about the process of getting ready to leave and also how she planned for the trip - accommodations, transportation and the financial side of things. Make sure to listen to the episode to hear more!

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122- Ventilly Today on the show we have Frances from Sailing Vessel Ventilly. We had the chance to connect with her while they were UNDER SAIL! :) How fun! About 5 years ago Frances and her husband Matt, started getting excited about the idea of living on a sailboat after a vacation, chartering a boat, in the Caribbean with some friends. When they arrived back home they took a hard look at jobs, the house, and life in general and started the dreaming of someday taking an adventure with their family when the kids were more grown. As part of the preparation stage, they realized they were throwing a lot of money into their older home so they sold their house and moved into a much smaller condo to help downsize and save extra for the trip. Listen to the full episode to hear about their experiences while learning to sail, where they've been and their adventures so far as a sailing family!

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Today on the show we have Nicole from the blog Family with Latitude. Their family of 4 is 2 months in to a 30 month travel adventure! They plan to travel to 30 countries in 30 months more or less. While currently in London, England, Nicole joined us today to talk about the planning of a trip this big and the adjustments they're making as they start out. Check out our website and interview for more info!

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120- WorldTowning Today on the show we have Jessica and Will from the website WorldTowning. They are currently living in southern France and have been full-time traveling for over three years. First in Guatemala then in Ecuador and now on the south of France. This family decided a long time ago that they wanted to travel while they worked and they have made that dream a reality. On the show they talk about why they chose to put their kids in the school in both South America and in France, and also where they are headed next when their time in France is up!

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119 - Raise Backpackers Today on the show we have Fiona from Raise Backpackers. She has traveled so much on her own before kids and now continues to see as much of the world as she can with her children. She recalls back in her teens when her love for traveling began on a trip to Malaysia. She remembers walking down the street in a foreign city and even though was scary she felt was excited and passionate about the unfamiliarity. Since then Fiona and her husband work to save money for their trips, by keeping travel a priority and don't get caught up trying to "keep up with the Jones'". Buying the latest or having the latest is something they forfeit as they choose to live more simply, while saving the money for traveling. There are lots of ways to save money while traveling. She talks about how cruises can be a cheaper way to do that. Considering that they are both your accommodation and food all in one price and if you live near a port, it will be even cheaper since you wouldn't have to pay for flights to the port city. Fiona has also found that buying cheap airline tickets based on the cost versus where you want to go is a great way to travel and see more while spending less. Some of these places may not be not on your bucket list but will let you travel more inexpensively. Also checking out AirB&B or staying in hostels or with relatives is also a good way to save money versus staying in a hotel. Fiona's advice for families who are considering family travel is just to go and DO IT! If you're nervous about spending the money to go internationally then you can always explore and see what you can where you are :)

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118- EntreFamily Today on the show we have Stephanie Langford from EntreFamily, currently in Guatemala to talk about how they got involved in family travel years ago and how it's changed to what they do now. Stephanie and her husband had the opportunity to spend a year in Japan as newlyweds which lit the fire under them for future world travel. After finding how they were pregnant and their year in Japan came to a close, they moved back home to Canada, knowing they would prepare for some future travel. Fast forward several years and during the ups and downs of starting their ownbusinesses and life in general. They began to dream of taking 1 year off and with all 5 kids, go live in a new country! As the plan began to grow, it turned into 4 countries in a year, then 10 and when all was said and done, they visited over 30+ countries in 1 year off!! Wow!! Now they have a home base in Canada and take about 3-4 months off and travel a couple countries at once. Preferring the slow paced, live-like-locals-feel verses such a fast paced travel. Stephane shares about the complete change it takes to go travel full time. It's stressful and chaotic and a lot all at once. It forces everyone to learn to live well with the people you love. No one every promised it was easy but what comes through that hardship and challenges is beautiful, strengthen relationships that have really bonded. At that point it becomes more fun, being together and experiencing life simultaneously.

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117- Keep Moving Fast Today on the show we have Adam Dailey from Keep Moving Fast to tell us about his family's adventure, taking 1 year off with 4 young kids as they set out to see the world. Adam says it struck him on a business trip that he was tired of traveling, especially without his family. So, inspired by the magazine in the back of the pocket of the plane, He decided to go all in and take one year off with his family. They used airline miles to purchase tickets almost around the globe, the big leaps anyways. The smaller, more local flights were cheap enough and they just paid for those as they needed them. With accommodation and food the whole trip tallied up to just under 100k for a year. Adam was amazed at how much they were able to see and where they could go on almost the same amount it cost to live at home.

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116- Mountain Mom and Tots Today on the show we have Susan from Mountain Mom and Tots. In the summer of 2016 they took a huge 6.5 week trip and camped throughout the West Coast National Parks! Their family have always been outdoorsy people, Susan explains, who love to get outside and enjoy nature. This trip came at a great time when her husband was in between jobs and it was during the summer when their oldest would be out of school. At the beginning of June 2016, they took a week to get out and see some of the national parks in Utah, their home state. It was a trial week to work out any kinks they had in their system of traveling and also give them a chance to change things in preparation for the big trip. By the End of June they were ready to go! And set out on a 6.5 weeks of outdoor fun filled adventure. Susan shares that the whole trip wasn't all rainbows and unicorns. Even though the drive from park to park was no more than 6 hours, it's all too easy for everyone to get on everyone's nerves being in such close quarters. Staying in an AirB&B - house stay up near Yellowstone during a family reunion about halfway through the trip, It gave them a much needed breaking from camping and sleeping in the truck. Best advice from the show is: just to go and do it! This family took what they had and made it work. It wasn't a fancy RV or a Camper with all the bells and whistles. They wanted to spend time as a family, see the parks and get outdoors so they made it work with what they had! And now have memories that will stick with the kids forever.

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115- Thrifty Family Travels Today on the show we have more Australian Adventurers, Melissa from Thrifty Family Travels, who shares about their family's trips. She's all about being thrifty, not cheap, but getting the best value they can for the experiences on the trip. Sometimes they take the more rustic way of travel or sometimes its a more plush travel style. Including a helicopter ride to see snow cover mountains in New Zealand! Since they've traveled for years, their daughter Myla, now loves to backpack and thoroughly enjoys the adventures! She goes out of her way to make friends wherever she goes. Melissa said it's common to find her getting along for hours with other kids from other countries without speaking or understanding each other. They get along as if no language barrier exists. They recently returned from a trip to South East Asia and have plans to see Indonesia and Canada before the end of 2017! Currently they keep their trips to about 4ish weeks, usually during holidays when work is slow anyways. For the next 12 months they're working to set up on an online business and make their jobs more location independent so they can go for longer periods of time.

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114- The World And Kids Today on the show we have Jenna from The World And Kids. Her and her husband traveled in van for bit before having kids and always knew they would be travelers. They enjoy the difference that comes when traveling with kids. Like so many of our guests, Jen agreed the slower pace forces you to enjoy all the small details and moments of the adventure rather than running around trying to check sites off the list. Their family is currently living in Australia and comes with it's challenges. Jen says it's pretty pricing (and a long trip!) to go anywhere new so they plan a big chunk of time maybe 4-6 weeks at once, maybe about 1 time a year with smaller, little trips sprinkled in there. The kids have grown up traveling and now have such a better understanding of just ow big and wonderful the world is. Their daughter has even started her own education video series to help other kids learn about places all around the world! Check out they're blog to see more cute videos :)

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113 - Uncharted Family Podcast Today on the show we have Derek Loudermilk. Derek is one of those people who has serious experience with world travel and dropped by to today to tell us about some of the places he's seen and adventure's he's had. And is now starting off on his own family adventure with his girlfriend and 10 week old son! Woohoo - More traveling families! Derek is an entrepreneur and has worked in a couple of different ways, all location independent, which he will take on the road. Their long term goal would be to eventually live on all 7 continents over the span of their son's school years. He's gone a lot of places as a solo traveller but is looking forward to enjoying the difference of traveling as a family unit. It comes with a little more community and breaks down some more barriers than say a solo traveller.

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112- Robins in Flight Today on the show we have Karena and Evan from South Africa. They have taken several trips with their 5 kids to explore the world. As seasoned travelers themselves, Karen and Evan had been around. Once they found out they were pregnant with their first years ago, they took "one last trip" before the baby came. Once their daughter was born, she was very easy going so they thought "Hey, let's travel with her". When they became pregnant a second time they thought finally this was it. They would do one last trip and then be done. But they kept finding ways to travel even with the kids until now, they can see such a benefit to traveling WITH kids they love it and continue planning new trips!

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111- Gelato Travel

Today on the show we have Julie, who talks about their adventures since they moved out of the State over 9 years ago to Switzerland.

After a trip to Italy back in 2007 for 2 weeks,  knew they wanted to live abroad so Julie spent the next 3 months working to make it happen by sending her husband's resume to different companies throughout the world. Finally a Swiss Bank offered them a job and would get the visas needed for the whole family to move over. 

They lived in Swiss German part for 6 years where they had their daughter. And now live on the Swiss Italian boarder. Close enough to Italy they can go over for the day or to get some shopping done. Her husband works from home and the kids attend the local schools to get a better understanding of the language and be emerged in the culture. 

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110- Summer Sailing Adventure Today on the show we have Rasmus Jensen who interviewed with us in the beginning of 2016 during our big break. We thought the interview had been deleted but were excited to find it on an old memory card! They set out on an awesome adventure and we're glad Rasmus took the time to tell us all about it. Before they started on their summer trip, Rasmus went to look at boats to purchase. They figured this would be a good way to travel and have a "home base" travel along with you. He said all it took was 1 step on the right boat to know it was the one for them and within an hour he started the paper work to purchase. They left their home in Denmark as an Air B&B out their house and used that money and also his work as an independent illustrator to left them travel throughout the summer of 2015. The kids at that time were 6, 7, and 10 years old. He says the trip wasn't all smooth sailing but living on a boat or full-time travel like that forces you to deal with problems as they arise.

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109- Currently Wandering Today on the show we have Sam and Jess from Currently Wandering who travel around the U.S. in a restored Airstream with 3 kids. Their family travels began a couple of years ago when they decided to House swap their home in Utah with a Military family from D.C. During the 18 day road trip to get to D.C., they decided they wanted to do this full time. Live life on the road. A more simple and slow life to explore the world around them. Didn't know all the details yet but wanted to pursue that. Once arriving in D.C. and within 2 months got an airstream and a truck and were ready to hit the road!

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