Family Adventure Podcast with Erik Hemingway

How do you follow up an amazing career? Retire and live well by traveling all over the US by RV!

Some of the best parts of traveling with kids are:

Seeing the sheer delight of the kids discovering something new

Letting the kids see their first snow!

For Travis, going from working 12 hours, & weekends to re-connecting with his kids! What could be better than that?!

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Fasten your seatbelt! This weeks episode is a roller coaster! If you're sitting on the fence about if you should take your family traveling, LISTEN!

This week we are joined by Annie, an Australian mom hanging out in Germany, housesitting with her kids: Morgan, 11 and Lilly, 9. Her attitude is amazing and as you will hear in this episode, it is possible to choose to use tragedy to bond your family closer together.

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 Liisa Vexler joins us from Tamarindo, Costa Rica to tell us about how her family made the transition from Canada to living abroad!

She dives into details about how they made the move, why they did it, and how they are able to make it all work.

Her advice? "Do more of What Makes You Happy!" How can you beat that?

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AJ Amyx, an online marketing expert, stopped by to share his thoughts with how building an online business can take you traveling and support you on along the way!

His experience is all over the online world and he had some great advice with: Where to start, How to find a Proven Niche, and How to build an online presence!

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This week we are joined by someone who has made a lifestyle of working location independent and full time travel! Nathalie Sisson is the Suitcase Entrepreneur and she joins us from New Zealand to tell how she's built her business around Freedom!

She talks about how she got fed up with the corporate world, and how a negative job turned into a positive lifestyle! You never know, the most frustrating place in your life could lead to the most exciting opportunities!

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Ok, this week we dive into the nitty gritty. We get into some hardcore specific budgeting tips and ideas to not only get your family traveling, but a broader look at what you want out of life.

As Joshua mentioned in Part 1, no matter what your dreams may be, getting a grip on your finances, where your money goes, and how to maximize your budget are all parts of the same puzzle.

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This week we are joined by Joshua Sheats, host of the incredible podcast: "Radical Personal Finance"

Joshua takes a fresh approach at the idea of money, how to use it to fuel your life's dream, and how difficult things are attainable! 

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Today we're joined by a pro travel hacker, Kevin Le, and he had tons of great advice on how to make the most out of the travel landscape in the way of reduced tickets.

He's a passionate traveler himself, and it was fun to chat about his travels and how he's been able to score some incredible deals.

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This was an amazing interview! Dan and Vanessa have a great perspective on simplifying your life, living with less clutter and generally getting more quality from life. They are also passionate about travel and camping! That's why I thought they'd be perfect for giving tips on living with less, I know I learned a TON!

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This week we're joined by someone passionate about travel, and comes to give you some skills on how to make money while you travel! What could be better than that?! Jasper Ribbers is joining us to talk about his book "How to Get Paid for Your Pad" and  how renting out your house may be the quickest way to get traveling.

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The Hemingway family wanted something different than the 'normal' family suburban life. They had an opportunity and took it! Buying a sailboat, with little experience (at first!) then wandering around the Mediterranean for two years, having a baby abroad, and eventually crossing the Atlantic Ocean. Oh yeah, they have 6 kids as well! 

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This weeks guests were a blast to chat with. First off, they have a great attitude about family travel and I know they are going to have an amazing adventure. They left their hometown in Adelaide Australia, and are heading out into the unknown, for an unspecified journey around the world!

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We know not everyone has the time to take off years at a time, drop out of society and never be seen again; although most of us think it'd be kinda awesome! This episode is about a woman who carved out some time and took her kids for a shorter, roller coaster of an adventure to Costa Rica!

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This week we are joined by the Laing Family, who took an extended "drive-about" around Australia. They left their jobs, and took the kids out of school for some hands on learning. Now their children are armed with first hand knowledge of regions that very few get to explore. 

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Here's an amazing story of a determined family. Evo, Mira, and their daughter Maya from The Life Nomadik, blew me away with their story. They have done what very few people would be willing to do for their passion for travel or as they call it their "travel disease."

Starting in what was then communist Bulgaria, where they dreamed of travel but were unable to leave, trying to escape into the mountains of neighboring Greece, then a trip to Singapore/Australia, where they tried to casually waltz out of the airport and into Australia, to finally going to Mexico and illegally crossing into the US and eventually Canada where they worked and built a life.

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Have a long time dream of setting of on an adventure? This family planned for almost 10 years, fell in love with family travel and went back 3 years later for another 3 year adventure! Nadine and her husband, Markus, finally faced their fears, bought a boat, and set off for a one year adventure from Spain, across the Atlantic, and up through the Caribbean, ending all the way up the East coast in Maine!

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A family of three who left the city & are embarking on a Canadian road trip. Volunteering on farms, finding odd jobs to make ends meet & exploring. This show is loaded with tips for those who think you have to be rich to be able to travel as a family.

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Today we hear from the Boyink family. They left 'suburbia' four years ago and haven't looked back! They've been able to spend the last several years criss-crossing the USA and exploring as they go.  They had a lot of great advice on how they made it happen, how they support themselves on their travels and how it's affected their children.

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You already know we interview cool people right? If not, you have 29 other episodes you need to go back through and check out some of these radical family travelers. Today is no different! Today we get to hear from an extremely adventurous family who popped by to tell us how they wound up in the Dominican Republic (or the DR) building houses for less fortunate, and deciding which direction they are sailing off to in a few months. 

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Get ready for an action packed episode! We are joined by Jen and Marc Konesco and they are super passionate about family travel! They had a long time dream to check out of suburbia, and ended up buying a cruising sailboat and heading out of Florida. They spent a season in the Bahamas, getting to know their boat and the family travel lifestyle and are currently in Costa Rica, volunteering at an orphanage. Good stuff!

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This week we are joined by Sara and Michael, originally from Puget Sound in Washington. In 2011, they decided 
enough dreaming, let's start doing! They sold everything and climbed aboard their boat: Wondertime! They also left when their two girls were almost 3, and 6!  

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This week's episode is incredible. There, I said it! We get to hear how Lyndy and her family made the leap after many years of dreaming. They now live aboard a sailing catamaran in Eastern Australia, and have plans to head out soon and sail abroad with their two girls.

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This week we hear from Alyson Long from World Travel Family. They left for a 12 month, gap year adventure, and had such a fantastic time connecting and exploring, they decided to continue on! They are currently in London, re-grouping and refilling the travel savings account, and will be heading back out in a few months.

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Today's show is a great example of how travel connects families! Melissa Frassoni was at a crossroads in her life. All the arrows were pointing for her to try something new. During that time, her dad, Bill, was heading out on what he thought was going to be a solo sailing adventure. He invited her along, she accepted, and their relationship was never the same!

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On this week's show, we are thrilled to have Marina Kuperman Villatoro with us to talk about her life abroad. She left the US for a one year trip to Mexico, and now 14 years later, she and her husband live in Guatemala and run a consulting business for couples and families who want to travel to Costa Rica, Guatemala, and all throughout Central America.

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Kimberly Travaglino joins us this week to talk about what their life has been like living and criss-crossing the United States by RV for four years. They left Florida on an open ended adventure and haven't looked back.

In this episode, Kimberly talks about how she has adapted her road schooling to fit their lifestyle, some of the incredible sights they been able to see and more importantly, how it's impacted their family living a nomadic lifestyle!

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In this episode, we are thrilled to be joined by Jamie and Rick Goodman, a father and daughter, who have a great story to tell. Through some family hardships, including cancer, Rick and Jamie were reminded how fragile life is. They made the choice to spend a month together, traveling through Europe and really trying to re-connect with each other.

It worked! Travel seems to have a mysterious way of bringing people together through something as simple as getting out of your normal routine, your comfort zone and being forced to think and focus on another person. One of the best things they learned through their experience was how to be flexible! Through jet-lag and things not always going according to plan, they learned how to adapt to stressful situations.

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Driving and camping from Argentina to Montana? Why not?! Listen in this week as Dylan Drake tells us how her family did exactly that. She and her husband Thomas had been living in Argentina, and when they decided to move back to the US, they thought the best way was to spend a year and camp their way through South and Central America!

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Ever look at the horizon and wonder what it would be like to sail away? Today on our show, we talk to two self titled "academics" who did exactly that. They choose a lifestyle that was radically different from the normal to raise their kids and experience world cultures!  

They will be the first ones to point out that it isn't always easy, it is in fact a LOT of hard work, but they can't imagine living any other way. One of the benefits they talk about traveling this way, is the chance to spend quality time in different cultures and countries, and really immerse into what's around them.

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On today's show, we hear from the Hiller family and their unique way to live and work abroad. Jacob started an online business shortly after college which provides income as they wander the globe in a slow, deliberate way, soaking in the local sights from where ever they happen to be.

They like to savor the countries they visit and since 2008, have been able to visit and explore 40 countries! Since having a baby in 2012, their travel has not lessened, but in fact Kalli tells us how she enjoys the travel that much more and how it's added an incredible dimension to their travels.   Good stuff!

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We're excited to bring you this week's episode! Ruth Johnston and her son have taken a plunge that strikes fear into most single parents:   world travel.    alone.   with a 9 year old.   Ruth pulls  it off with a great sense of humor and light touch, as she truly tries to make the most out of the years she has raising her son. 

Are they rich? No. Are they grabbing life with both hands and making memories with no regrets? Absolutely!

They've been to able to see some incredible sights and even more importantly, spend some amazing time together building a bond that will last a lifetime.

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On today's episode, we hear from Paige Conner Totaro about how her and her husband John, and twin daughters, took a step off the treadmill, and headed out for a year on the road, plane, train, you name it! They planned the first 6 weeks, and made up the rest as they went, not a bad way to go!

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Here's a really cool family simply doing it......travelling through Europe by an RV that they'd sent over from the US!  Vincent and Martha have spent the better part of a year traveling Europe for a gap year and making memories and experiences that their children will never forget!

We were able to interview them while they took a small break in Croatia, and they has some really practical advice on how they met, started their family and how they wound up adventuring together as a family.

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Talon Windwalker made the decision to take his son and show him the world. What started when planning a 3 week trip to Africa, has turned into a lifestyle of travel. They've been able to share some incredible experiences all over the world, and took a break to talk to us about them. 

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In 2012, Josh and Erin Bender made a life changing decision....since it's cheaper to live and travel than to stay in one place, why wouldn't we travel full time? Great question, and one they are not too interested in answering! They are currently preparing to start their second trip around the world, and they took some time with us before they leave and filled us in on how they make it possible. 

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Elizabeth joins us from the campgrounds of Europe and from the family travel blog: "12 Months 2 Go". They have been living an epic journey all throughout Europe and into Eastern Europe for nearly a year! She and Kay shipped a US s"5th wheel" and Dodge diesel truck over to Europe and have been learning how to make it all work with twin 13 year old teenagers: Noah and Madison.

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What an honor to have as our guests this week: Lainie and Miro from "Raising Miro"! This single mother and son have been adventuring and traveling throughout the Western Hemisphere for the past 5 years in a lifestyle they call: slow-travel. It's all about sinking in where you are and letting the culture and surroundings sink into you!

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Sometimes people wind up in situations in life where they have to pinch themselves every morning to make sure it's real. Rough, huh? but someone has to do it! Listen as the Mariotti's tell us about their European adventures.

Colleen & Ron, and their children Bianca, Max, and Henry, had a simple plan to travel to Italy to obtain their kids dual citizenship (Ron is a dual citizen) and it grew into an open ended epic journey that no one wants to end!

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A family who had enough of the '9-5' and only seeing their kids on the nights and weekends, took some radical steps and transplanted themselves in Europe! The Wagoner Family: Alan, Heidi and their kids, Lars and Anya decided to move abroad and are currently living in Spain. 

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Want to take your kids into the global classroom?! That's what Jennifer and Tony decided to do in 2008 and haven't looked back. What started as a one year bike-through-Europe has turned into a lifestyle shift that has allowed them to travel virtually full time for the past 6 years. How epic is that?! 

They have given their kids some seriously cool educational experiences, and through it all, grown closer as a family and definitely have no shortage of stories for the grand kids. 

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Neil and Ronel and their two sons, Peter and Emile, were able to accomplish a dream that started for Neil many years ago in South Africa. He wished to one day taking his family on a sailing adventure around the world, and after many years of planning, saving, and sheer guts, he and his wife Ronel,  made it happen, and made a lifetime of memories in the process!

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OK, so we get to interview cool families right? Their website says it best: "We are pilgrims on unpaved roads, living creatively, openly, frugally, outrageously to bring peace to the global fringe!" Andrew and Debbie Jones, have traveled extensively across Europe, North Africa, New Zealand, USA, Asia, and all places in between.

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This interview was jam packed with useful information for inspiring traveling families! Jamie and Behan Gifford have been living aboard their sailboat with their 3 kids for over 5 years! They were kind enough to share some time with us from Thailand, and give us some insights on how they've been able to live a life millions only get to dream of!

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In this episode, we get to meet Sean and Angie Shanks, who are some of the luckiest people I know! They sold their home and have been living in a converted motor coach, modified as their home, for nearly a year. They are traveling around the United States for an open ended adventure with their 4 children!

We caught up with them in Austin, TX. and had a great chat. I really appreciated hearing what they had to say, and hope you will too! Enjoy!

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Amazing.....I'm not sure there's another word to start describing what these people have done. Over 17,000 pedal-powered miles from North Alaska to the bottom of Argentina. Incredible!

The Vogel Family: Nancy, John, Daryl, and Davy have ridden their  bikes through the entire Western Hemisphere.....the long way.....

Nancy took some time to rap with us about the trip, how it all began, and some of the steps they took to make it a reality. Not easy, but nothing worth doing usually is. She tells about some of their highlights as well from the trip, and how her twin boys are adjusting to "normal" life after such a trip.

She also is putting together a book called "Road Schooling" which will be packed with practical advice about educating your children abroad or while traveling for open ended adventures!

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Ready to hear a cool family adventure? In this episode, Marc and Jane Adams explain how they left it all and took their family on an amazing round the world adventure by sailboat. They tell about the highs and the lows of their trip and how they were able to make it happen. Great stuff!

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In this episode, Erik introduces himself and gives a brief history of how he and his family traveled abroad by sailboat, with NO ocean sailing experience. The Hemingway family thought they were only going to spend one year in Greece, sailing between a few islands, and call it good. 3 years, 17,000 miles, an ocean crossing, and a baby born abroad all added up to a much larger, epic adventure of a lifetime!

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