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Kate and Michael's kids take the mic for this interview: Sam, Chelsea, and Charlotte. We wanted to get their unique perspective about the family travels so far. So we ask them about schooling and missing home. Once they warm up a little bit they surely are not at a loss for words! Let your own kids tune in for this adorable episode.

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Today Kate and Michael share their travel journey and "boxless life" with us. Their story begins 10 years ago when Kate realized her dream to take long-term trip  to France. With Michael's smart business plans and their focused vision for France they have made  her dream a reality.

We caught up with them in their final chapter of travel(with a plan for an extension). Listen in as we cover topics like working remotely, rough starts, slower lifestyle, and dealing with homesickness. 


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Think you can't travel because you have kids? Think again as you listen to Bailey talk about her expedition plans with her family of seven! That's five kids folks! We get to hear all about their plans for a road trip from Canada to southern USA. Be inspired as you listen to her talk about world schooling, involving her kids in the process of traveling, renting out her house and moving into a trailer.

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Today we are joined by an amazing family who really 'gets' unschooling and road schooling. They have bounced across several continents and are currently in South America in Peru.

They are currently preparing for a ROAD TRIP back to Canada via VW Kombi!

Listen in As Michelle and Amelia tell us about their experiences so far, and what they've learned along the way!!

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