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108 - Were is the World Kyla from Where is the World joins us on the show to talk about why she travels with her family and some of the cool places they've experienced including over 5 weeks in West Africa with no electricity or running water where they stayed. She shares about how they enjoy places of the beaten path, 3rd world countries and non-touristy places where they're all forced out of their comfort zones. This helps the kids learn how to be flexible in any situation She writes on their blog "This doesn’t mean we never go to more traditional travel locales, we find an excuse to go to Paris whenever we can! It just means making an effort to travel to places a little less typical and a little less touristy." Read More on our site

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107 - GreenFeet Guides with Ambika Today on the show we have Ambika Anand Prokop, author of GreenFeet Guides. Her and her family are in Foreign Service meaning they get "stationed" in a foreign country for 2-3 years at a time, her husband working as a diplomat while they get to live like the locals and enjoy their new home. She shares lots of great stories about some of their experiences in sightseeing and touring around (including riding an elephant during bath time!!) as well as the ups and downs of learning to live like locals in a brand new foreign country (setting up a new home, shopping, etc) Make sure to listen to the full episode to learn more about her Cambodia - GreenFeet Guide she created to help kids get the most out of the country your family travels to!!

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106 - #YouDecide with 2 Travelling Tots Today on the show we've got something a little different than normal. Mark Simpson from 2 Travelling Tots back from Episode 98 joined us on the show to tell us about they're big adventure they're setting out on and how YOU can be apart of it! They set up a online business called Boostly, that just launched helping independent hospitality business owners in the UK. With that and the blog keeping them busy they're headed off to Bangkok on December 28th of this year! They plan the trip to be a minimum of 3 months but sounds like they wouldn't mind if it continued longer than that ;) Listen to the show for more details on how you can be a part of deciding where they travel to next.

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105- 3 Kids Travel

Today on the show we welcome Elise who shares about their family traveling adventures! 

Currently they take trips from a home base with hope of someday (soon!) going out for more extended periods of travel or possibly a year or 2 off! 

The kids are luckily immersed in a dual- enrollment school where they live, because of that the kids are now able to speak Spanish fluently and connect with others around the world who maybe don't speak English! What a great opportunity for the kids and how useful it will become later on down the road and throughout their traveling! 

Listen to the podcast for more details about stories about places they've seen, how to work while traveling and How the kids do with traveling so often! 

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104- Salty Kisses Today on the show we've got Carl + Carly from the blog SaltyKisses to talk mainly about their sailing adventure through the NorthWest Passage. Up and over the world! What a cool adventure to be able to see a part of the world few people travel to. At one point they were only 900 away from the North Pole! Since wrapping up that trip last year, they've bought a different boat (not a steal one like they needed for the North) currently in St. Maartin and have spent the time fixing it up to head into the Caribbean and see a bit more of the islands.

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Our Life is a Trip! Today we are joined by Tracy from Our Life is a Trip and they've got a pretty sweet set up! Her husband works as a firefighter & Tracy works as a flight attendant by day and in return gets free flights for the family (Learn more in the episode!)!! On their time off they have gone to some pretty amazing places. The kids do great and even the little ones on occasion will beg to get out traveling again if they've been at home for to long ;) While on the move, Tracy says they stick to a more unschooling approach to school...allowing the kids to pursue their niches and favorite hobbies like videography or art while on the move. However, they're also enrolled in a charter school back home in California that works with their constant travel plans.

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Today on the show we have an incredible story from the Martinez family, who wanted to take some time off and go sailing They share about their journey to get there, it was quite incredible, with lots of ups and downs. From flights, to RV life outside of London to finally moving onto the boat!

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Today we are joined by author, AK Turner! AK and her husband traveled extensively before having kids. They have the same idea as so many others, to continue traveling just as often, even after the kids were born. They currently are based in the States and take several extended trips per year to different parts of the world, usually 1-3 months at a time.

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"A film for wondering wanderers"

Remember Jason and his family from Episode 79? We were able to catch up to them again, almost a year later and hear about their life on the road and their newest project: a Documentary they're working on!! Jason talks about the moments or days on the trip when they look at each other and wander "what the heck were they thinking?" or "This is the best life ever....everyone should do this!" Hear more about it in the episode!

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This week on the show we have Amber from Global Muchkins! She talks about the travels her family of 7 have taken in the last couple of years, and they don't plan on slowing down! Amber talks about how amazing it is to watch the kids learn so much more by traveling than they ever could learn in a text book.

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2 Travelling Tots- This week on the show we have Mark from 2 Travelling Tots talk to us about all the traveling him and his wife used to do. They didn't want their kids to stop them from seeing the world so they don't! Currently they have an Bed'N'Breakfast in England they work 8-10 months of the year and the other months they set out and see a new part of the world. The next adventure is set for January 2017, they're headed to India, Thailand and more of SouthEast Asia with their 2 boys who will be 4 & 1.

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97- Mia Moran from Plan Simple Meals

Mia and her family are living in Boston, in a fast-paced world. So much of work and life is staring at a computer screen- a never ending cycle making it hard to step back for a bit. Making is hard to take a break. Sound familiar?

The idea of "taking a break" has been slowly evolving in their house and Mia wanted it to work out to be their reality.

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Where We Roam- After a series of life events, Scott and Emily kinda felt they were being pushed toward traveling in a big way. They came up with the idea to spend 12 months in 12 countries, wanting to live like a native of that country. Curious to explore the world and learn what it would be like to live in the country and not just "tour" it. They said it was enlightening to see how others live and enjoy the small details in everyday life while living out of 36 Liter backpacks. However, right before they left on the trip they got pregnant. So they pushed off the trip just until after the baby was born and then head out!! They relied hugely on Airline Miles and ending up flying all their major flights with points they had earned

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The Globe-Trotting Smiths- 

12 Months ago this family left from Scotland for a year+ long trip around the world, planning to see as much as they can!

The Smiths had always planned for something cool. Some sort of travel. So when the opportunity arrived a while back they jumped at the chance! They sold her business while he would continue to work a bit of IT jobs during the trip. And off they went!

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South Asia Adventure-

This episode if very exciting for us....We had our first guest doing a SECOND interview! Trina Shultz, who took a trip with her kids to Costa Rica back in Episode 36, just got back from a huge trip for 3 months over to SouthEast Asia!

Trina shares so much about their travels throughout Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia. Traveling with only their backpacks full of gear, they rode lots of local transportation to get around which made for some exciting experiences! Between long train rides, border crossings and an elephant sanctuary, this trip turned out to have plenty of adventure along the way.

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The Life Enhancers - The Manuel Family are on a mission to embrace living life differently and enhance lives along the way. Realizing that time is something they couldn't get more of, they took a hard look at their finances and decided to work with what income was constant. And travel how they could with those finances! So they traded in the "traditional" life, left their jobs, gave away most of their stuff and decided to pack up the SUV and head out on a roadtrip!

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An Epic Education!

This week we are joined by Jason Jenkins from 'Epic Education Radio' who is currently living in Spain with his family after lots of travel throughout SE Asia.

He shares about some of the adventures he's taken in the last 15 years with his family. From living full-time in Tokyo to a year off while living in Spain, Jason shares about his desire for wanting to get out of the "rat-race" and move to a place where you could be pushed out of your comfort zone!

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Gillis Family RV Adventure!

This week we are joined by some great friends for our first ever LIVE interview! All of us in the same room! It was great connecting with the Gillis family as they recently sold all their possessions, and left the comforts of home and into a 37' RV trailer and an open ended adventure.

We were in Colorado Springs visiting Maggie and Josh, when our friends Jared and Kris happened to be wandering through Colorado just starting out their RV trip. They were kind enough to even help us with some house projects and we had a chance to sit down and record their story.

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Dreams into Goals!

That's the message you need to take from this week's episode: no excuses!

Here's a family who didn't wait for years off, the best equipment, the best timing, or the most experience. They just saw an opportunity, and took it.

Listen as Mariana tells us about her bike adventures of 400 miles across Canada to visit family and how her and husband took 3 kids, ages: 2,4, & 6 along for the ride.

She dives into how they prepared (less than you think!) and some great lessons learned from "under-preparing" It's full of fantastic stories! What a boost of confidence for these kids as they've already tackled something huge!

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Be my Guest!

Hello there, today is a bit of a break from the show and a chance for you to help me! I'm looking for a steady stream of families to interview and if you're a listener to the show then you are either: a) traveling or b) most likely know someone who is traveling and would want to be on the show!

It's a great way to share your story with  a "virtually" painless Skype call for less than an hour. I'd love to get your story out there to encourage other families to take the plunge! It's an amazing feeling to know that you may have inspired other people!

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travel more. create better memories.

Today we are joined by a true 'family travel pro'  Caroline (Caz) Makepeace. She joins us to tell about her and her husband Craig's many years of travel adventures. I say pro because they run one of the largest resources for family travelers (and travel wannabes) and have grown a massive following to their advice and tips.

Caroline was kind to join us at 5 am her time to catch up with Family Adventure Podcast listeners, and give us some tips on how they've built a business around travel. There's also loads of great advice for those just starting out, especially looking a family travel and being overwhelmed with where to start.

Thanks again Caz, for hanging out with us. Listeners: kick back, relax, and enjoy listening!

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Into the Great Wide Open!

This week we are joined by Heather from 'Faith Takes Flight' which is their website recording their adventures to be. We caught up with them in the early stages where they have overcome some major hurdles getting to the point that they are ready to leave for their open-ended RV adventure!

She shares with us some of the struggles and frustrations of getting to this point, and some of the highs of de-cluttering, and how it's been transitioning to RV life. There is a TON of great info here if you are just in the early stages of planning your own families' escape for Suburban life, and I know you'll love it.

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Today we are joined by Connie and Joel of Out of the Box Life! A family who is extremely familiar with all the ups and downs of family travel. They are joining us from England where they are finishing up their time abroad and preparing to "re-enter" life in the US.

We cover all the topics: working abroad, working location independent, homeschooling, raising kids in a global setting, seeing kids leave the house and travel on their own, They have a great perspective and a lot of great information for experienced travelers, and families only dreaming of adventure!

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