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Ever look at the horizon and wonder what it would be like to sail away? Today on our show, we talk to two self titled "academics" who did exactly that. They choose a lifestyle that was radically different from the normal to raise their kids and experience world cultures!  

They will be the first ones to point out that it isn't always easy, it is in fact a LOT of hard work, but they can't imagine living any other way. One of the benefits they talk about traveling this way, is the chance to spend quality time in different cultures and countries, and really immerse into what's around them.

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On today's show, we hear from the Hiller family and their unique way to live and work abroad. Jacob started an online business shortly after college which provides income as they wander the globe in a slow, deliberate way, soaking in the local sights from where ever they happen to be.

They like to savor the countries they visit and since 2008, have been able to visit and explore 40 countries! Since having a baby in 2012, their travel has not lessened, but in fact Kalli tells us how she enjoys the travel that much more and how it's added an incredible dimension to their travels.   Good stuff!

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We're excited to bring you this week's episode! Ruth Johnston and her son have taken a plunge that strikes fear into most single parents:   world travel.    alone.   with a 9 year old.   Ruth pulls  it off with a great sense of humor and light touch, as she truly tries to make the most out of the years she has raising her son. 

Are they rich? No. Are they grabbing life with both hands and making memories with no regrets? Absolutely!

They've been to able to see some incredible sights and even more importantly, spend some amazing time together building a bond that will last a lifetime.

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On today's episode, we hear from Paige Conner Totaro about how her and her husband John, and twin daughters, took a step off the treadmill, and headed out for a year on the road, plane, train, you name it! They planned the first 6 weeks, and made up the rest as they went, not a bad way to go!

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Here's a really cool family simply doing it......travelling through Europe by an RV that they'd sent over from the US!  Vincent and Martha have spent the better part of a year traveling Europe for a gap year and making memories and experiences that their children will never forget!

We were able to interview them while they took a small break in Croatia, and they has some really practical advice on how they met, started their family and how they wound up adventuring together as a family.

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