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Selling it All:

It's a common dream of so many families....especially as we all get seemingly more connected to our 'gadgets' and Facebook:

The dream is to sell it all and head off into the great wide open and travel. That's exactly what Mike and his wife and 3 teens did in 2008!

Armed with backpacks and a hunger to explore, they were able to travel to 3 continents, for a year, including extensive hiking through South America!

Great Stuff!

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Tired and burned out of the rat race? This family had enough of other stresses and pulls on their time/life/schedule and decided to do something about it!

They got a spark of entrepreneurship from a New Media Expo conference, and started building a plan to get out and travel! After purchasing a trailer, they hit the road, not sure what their business was going to look like, but knew what they were passionate about! Family!

Patrick and his son, Axel, love hanging out, playing with tractors, whatever, and they decided to film their adventures and post it on YouTube and see what happens. Low and behold, they built a following and an audience, and now they make their own schedule and LOVE IT! They've been able to replace their full time income with a family run business that allows them to live life on their terms!

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Psychologists tell us that sailing off into the sunset is one of the top 3 fantasies of most people. However, most people are totally overwhelmed by where to start!

This week we are joined by Chris who has recently launched his website: Sail Mentor. He is passionate about introducing people and families to the sport of sailing.

He has some great suggestions about getting into sailing for very little money and getting some experience 'under the keel', all while keeping your spouse and family involved and not wanting to 'jump ship'! Good stuff!

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Ever dreamed of living on a sailboat? That's what our guest this week, Cindy has done with her husband and now two children! Her children have never known life "on land" and she joins us this week to tell us all about her lifestyle.

We cover: homeschooling, unschooling, living aboard, and of! She has some great advice and insights into how to make steps for your own travel adventures!

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