Family Adventure Podcast with Erik Hemingway

The Globe-Trotting Smiths- 

12 Months ago this family left from Scotland for a year+ long trip around the world, planning to see as much as they can!

The Smiths had always planned for something cool. Some sort of travel. So when the opportunity arrived a while back they jumped at the chance! They sold her business while he would continue to work a bit of IT jobs during the trip. And off they went!

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South Asia Adventure-

This episode if very exciting for us....We had our first guest doing a SECOND interview! Trina Shultz, who took a trip with her kids to Costa Rica back in Episode 36, just got back from a huge trip for 3 months over to SouthEast Asia!

Trina shares so much about their travels throughout Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia. Traveling with only their backpacks full of gear, they rode lots of local transportation to get around which made for some exciting experiences! Between long train rides, border crossings and an elephant sanctuary, this trip turned out to have plenty of adventure along the way.

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The Life Enhancers - The Manuel Family are on a mission to embrace living life differently and enhance lives along the way. Realizing that time is something they couldn't get more of, they took a hard look at their finances and decided to work with what income was constant. And travel how they could with those finances! So they traded in the "traditional" life, left their jobs, gave away most of their stuff and decided to pack up the SUV and head out on a roadtrip!

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An Epic Education!

This week we are joined by Jason Jenkins from 'Epic Education Radio' who is currently living in Spain with his family after lots of travel throughout SE Asia.

He shares about some of the adventures he's taken in the last 15 years with his family. From living full-time in Tokyo to a year off while living in Spain, Jason shares about his desire for wanting to get out of the "rat-race" and move to a place where you could be pushed out of your comfort zone!

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Gillis Family RV Adventure!

This week we are joined by some great friends for our first ever LIVE interview! All of us in the same room! It was great connecting with the Gillis family as they recently sold all their possessions, and left the comforts of home and into a 37' RV trailer and an open ended adventure.

We were in Colorado Springs visiting Maggie and Josh, when our friends Jared and Kris happened to be wandering through Colorado just starting out their RV trip. They were kind enough to even help us with some house projects and we had a chance to sit down and record their story.

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