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OK, so we get to interview cool families right? Their website says it best: "We are pilgrims on unpaved roads, living creatively, openly, frugally, outrageously to bring peace to the global fringe!" Andrew and Debbie Jones, have traveled extensively across Europe, North Africa, New Zealand, USA, Asia, and all places in between.

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This interview was jam packed with useful information for inspiring traveling families! Jamie and Behan Gifford have been living aboard their sailboat with their 3 kids for over 5 years! They were kind enough to share some time with us from Thailand, and give us some insights on how they've been able to live a life millions only get to dream of!

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In this episode, we get to meet Sean and Angie Shanks, who are some of the luckiest people I know! They sold their home and have been living in a converted motor coach, modified as their home, for nearly a year. They are traveling around the United States for an open ended adventure with their 4 children!

We caught up with them in Austin, TX. and had a great chat. I really appreciated hearing what they had to say, and hope you will too! Enjoy!

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