Family Adventure Podcast with Erik Hemingway

Today on the show we have Megan and Aaron from {The Art Pantry} sharing about a unique trip their family got to take together. All the details that fell into place in such a way made their story inspiring and just really fun! It began with Megan listening to Family Adventure Podcast and getting inspired by the awesome families out there take great adventures. She slowly began to dream and plan for their family to take their own kind of adventure and Set a Date! It took Aaron a little bit longer to come around but he shares how in retrospect, learning to support your spouse's dreams can lead to an unforgettable experience and even let him accomplish one of his own dreams through all this. So at the beginning of 2017, the took off with their 2 girls, and spent 3 months on the road throughout the US and visited over 22 states! The truck and trailer were loaned to them from Airstream for a Campaign they were running. That along with other details of finding work connections on the road and renting out their house with AirB&B, they watched as all the details fell into place to prepare for this cool adventure! Be sure to listen to the whole episode to find out more of that did on the road and how they planned their route!

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